Mercenary Jacket Rework

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    • Mercenary Jacket Rework

      Current mercenary jacket is heavily favored to DoT players and almost non existant use by others. To fix its OP state for DoT and allow it to be an option for other non DoT how about reworking it to be x heal based on damage once every 2 seconds for 8 total second duration. Due to this being more risky to be easily purged before getting much heal output the CD could be drastically reduced.

      More specific example popping jacket would heal 300 health once every 2 seconds if damage occurs in that 2 second window for a total potential heal of 1,200 if you manage to hit every 2 second window of the full 8 second duration. This would keep the heal potential of the chest ability but remove the possibility to quickly stack heals within the first second or two before a counter play option can be played by the opponent. This additional risk of getting the full heals would drive the thought of reducing the CD to say 40 seconds. Coincidently this should also make the jacket better for PvE for those who are still grinding weapons.