Small Improvement to Destiny Board

    • User Interface
    • Small Improvement to Destiny Board

      Although it's not a big hassle, it would be nice if reopening the Destiny Board automatically brings up the info you were looking at before you closed it.
      e.g. I look at Torch Fighter and scroll down to Lv. 60, close the Board, then reopen it. It would pan the Board to where I was with the Torch Fighter UI scrolled down to Lv. 60.
    • Some might find this the opposite of an improvement. when opening the destiny board I dont always, rarely in fact, want to look at the last thing I was looking at ...
      T8 Fibre, Ore, Hide, Wood & Stone Gatherer
      T8 Gathering Gear Crafter
      T8 Bags & Capes Crafter
    • The destiny board is a poor way to display the information in my opinion . I know what they were going for but the board is almost all needlessly long lines, with the actual nodes quite small. Scrolling to where you want is a bit of a chore, I would have rather it be a series of skill trees.