Eye of secrets needs buff

    • the problem with eye of secrets is that the weapons that has mana issues are mostly two handed weapons

      and the one handed weapons that are in use do not have mana issues or use other best in slot items to fix their other issues such as Dps and expects a quick fight to end it before their mana issue catches up to them

      examples of 2h weapons with mana issues in the best content they are at

      great axe, one shot pike, great holy in hellgates, swords (moderate mana issues), daggers(reckless Q2 spam, brawler dagger)

      examples of 1h weapons with no mana issues or have other best in slot item
      1h xbow (no mana issues, defenses and damage could be improved), broadsword (no mana issues in short fights, can go more dps or shield), frost (book for cast speed, glass cannon build), 1h spear (tap root) , 1h curse (absolutely 0 mana issues, goes more damage with musiak or crypt candle), hallow fall and 1h nature (mist caller for cooldown or sacred scepter for cc resistance)

      so practically 1h weapons have no issues or play around the fact they are expected to kill their target before their mana runs out

      or the very last option is the 1h weapon is so dead it has never seen the meta. Sorry 1h arcane but you dont make the cut into the list

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    • Hattenhair wrote:

      General mechanics:
      • Energy Drain/Dispersion/Replenishment:
        • For all the time I know Albion, spells reliant on energy manipulation were always swinging between two points of being complete hot garbage or being infuriating to play against on a fundamental level. The core issue here being the energy scaling being done in concrete numbers rather than %, resulting in needless bandaids for spells like Energy Beam (specifically referencing the 15% energy pool drain limit).
          As a result of raw scaling, even a slight advantage in IP of the person utilising energy drain-type spells could easily overwhelm the energy regeneration of the opponent, shutting down their usage of spells almost completely (clear reference to the now gone Energy Drain previously present on Royal Armor).
          As a result the way scaling works for energy-related spells ought to be changed from ground-up.
          • Proposed Solution; Spells which Drain/Disperse/(optionally Replenishment) energy are to be introduced with a scaling element relative to the opponent's current energy pool present.
            For example the Energy Beam from the arcane tree will drain a % from the opponents currently available energy, be it 5% per second from 400 energy, or 5% per second from 300 energy, disregarding the maximum mana pool of the opponent.
            As a result of lower energy drain under low energy pool conditions, this in term allows to set a certain point where energy regeneration of the opponent catches up with the energy drain of the Energy Beam (or any other drain-type spell), effectively removing the possibility to drain your opponent dry, yet generating a scenario where the opponent has less effective mana pool, influencing the longevity of a fight in a less explosive manner which old regular raw scaling would otherwise provide.

            At the same time this would create a difference in effective mana pools under effects of energy drain for different energy regeneration rates, specifically armor types, slightly increasing the amount of preparation one has to go through when considering a build. (Would appreciate more feedback relating to leather/plate armors with this change).

            If the raw scaling element was to be introduced so the arcane tree actually benefits from IP increases and feels more powerful with an IP gap present between opponents, it should only be added as a minor addition to the % scaling (i.e: 5% current pool + 1 energy per second; the number in bold being affected by IP increases).

            Considering all of the above energy spells would require severe tweaking after the changes.

      Arcane staves:
      • Energy Bolt:
        • In the current state of weapon balance the arcane bolt is neither usable not effective under almost any circumstances, boasting no way to influence the damage increase relative to the opponents' current energy pool level without sacrificing another skill slot to suit the job or relying completely on the energy consumption levels of the opponent, besides the fact that every class in the game now replenish a sizeable chunk of energy via the usage of faction capes, which further devalues this spell.
          Neither is the cast time fast enough to be synergetic to a usable extent with the weapon trees' own passive (Agressive caster), nor it is fast enough to be usable in a time where most weapon trees have excellent mobility due to constant adjustion of standtimes and fluidity of combat. Standing still for a whopping 1.2s is not practical, nor feels fluid in the current combat system.
          • Proposed solution: Reduce the cast time of the spell from 1.2s -> 1.0s, reducing the damage output by ~18% per bolt to accomodate for more casts per minute, at the same time better synergy with the agressive casters' casting speed increase this should make the spell more viable.
            Introduce a minor energy dispersion (mind the wording here: dispersion meaning the enemy looses energy on getting hit, without the caster gaining any, unlike with drain-type spells) to allow the user of Energy Bolt to utilise the effect of increased damage when the opponent is low on energy, especially when energy replenishment ways are more than abundant.
            The energy dispersion scaling is to follow the solution proposed above (Current energy pool X% + Y), and to be minor enough to influence the damage output to an extent, yet not powerful the way Energy Beam is to be employed in.

      If proper energy manipulation were to be introduced with non-shit scaling, offhands with energy regen could become a counter to drain and dispersion. But alas this is not the case for today.
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