castle/outpost too easy to clear.

    • castle/outpost too easy to clear.

      From my understanding, the castles and outposts in BZ are made to create content and timer were reduced to encourage people to get them more easily (and on outpost, doors removed).

      but i do not understand why with no spec you can solo them with a flat t8 build but can't solo faction outposts without being in 8.2-8.3

      I genuinely believe you should not be able to complete black zone outpost without a healer or being more than 1 player (a little bit weird that the end game "small scale" content can straight up be solo'ed).

      and obviously big castles should barely be doable by a 5 man group in t8+ gear with 1300-1400 ip (still wouldn't be an issue for zergs due to numbers.

      So currently i feel it makes no sense that faction outposts are harder to kill than black zone ones and castles shouldn't even be possible for a solo( could push if it's duo in gucci gear ngl).

      So curious to see what are the thoughts of others on that one since obviously from my POV it makes no sense that small outposts gives better loot than faction outposts but are way easier to deal with than faction ouposts.

      So would love to have the outposts difficulty make sense then have all of them being doable solo but not faction ones which are in "beginner" zones...

      Please make it make sense for difficulty scaling. heck, could even be scaled based on the value of the map same as value of Season points. (so Q0 maps on outer ring can be solo'ed for small outposts but big castles should still not be possible to solo and obviously in t8 inner ring, small outpost require 5man party and big castles require 7-10 man parties or 3-5 man but in gucci gear (8.1-8.2+ gear).
    • Trial_hard wrote:

      The game has so much content for Zerg it is good that hotspots for spontaneous small scale are created.
      agreed, just pointing out that season objectives that exist to create small scale shouldn't be doable solo, imagine gold chest in the roads be done by a solo player, that's what doing a big castle is equivalent to imo. This seasons, some guilds are paying up to 30k silver per faction points. so if you rat a big castle, that's 250poitns on top of the 30m+ of loot if you get the big castle loot (7.5mil worth of points at 30k silver/each and 30m of loot makes it way too valuable and even small outposts that gives 26 points still would pay out 780k in silver for points+ the 2-3m of loot from the payouts.

      That is just dumb, small scale content is not solo content.
      Make it be needing a healer so it's duo and for big castles make it 5+ to kill the boss since it is supposed to be a "big" objective.

      Again why is faction outposts in blue/yellow/red zones harder than black zone outpost to solo and have a higher tier/gear requirement to solo???