Got lost on the avalonian roads again

    • literally a 10 second search in google image leads to this.

      and i do exclude the fact that a search on the forum itself could have led you to this forum post
      Avalonian Road Codex

      and regarding to get ganked, that usually is mostly on blue/gold portals occurs less on greens due to them being 2men portals.

      And after going a bit deeper, there is a little bit less players in them if you leave from the royals instead of BZ.

      and regarding knowing where you are and where you come from, take the names in note in a party chat or whisper or notepad on your pc (or have good memory).

      the roads changes every x amount of hours so paths can close and open leading to various places.

      some websites/tools like "Portaler" exists to help navigate the roads but nothing is still guaranted on that since you still need to input your own data too to have the best results.
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    • also a solid tip for roaming the roads. Avoid chests those are hot spots for ganking. Avoid the roads themselves, especially roads connected to royals or large portals. Once you enter the roads, path yourself a nice off road detour to get from portal to portal safely.

      Basically, always go off the beaten path just like in BZ and avoid things that attract groups of people like chests.

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