Locus NDA

    • Retroman wrote:

      Arcane Staffs
      The locus is a very strong support weapon in ZvZs. Right now it allows for a very strong double role whenever the frontline engages or is engaged. It will remove the enemy buffs and cleanse all your allies, combined with the long up-time and radius it makes it makes for support that is always good to be dropped on both frontlines whenever they clash. To open these situations up for more deliberate decision we will remove the purge effect of the Void. This way we want to open up the possibilities for other support weapons and have the ZvZ meta generally revolve less around one single item. We are also increasing max target count for Motivating Cleanse to be more useful in large scale fights.

      Motivating Cleanse (all Arcane Staffs)

      Max affected targets: 5 -> 10

      Void (Malevolent Locus)

      Doesn't Cleanse allies anymore

      Doesn't Purge enemies anymore
      The removal of purge seems like it will simplify the use-cases of the locus. If it still had the purge but no cleanse, it would become a decision of "do I buff my ally resistances from an incoming clap or do I purge the enemy push beforehand?" The issue of course being that it currently does both of those things at once, and removing the cleanse seems like a decent idea that both makes the Locus more interesting and gives some playtime to underused items. Gamewise, it represents a large chunk of the amount of purges happening in ZvZs, though usually in that specific scenario. Will the other existing purges be enough to fill in for that as needed? Or are we also trying to reduce the amount of purges in ZvZ engages overall?

      The Motivating Cleanse buff seems a little redundant, though I do appreciate having it for making other arcane staves more helpful in larger scraps. I will try Witchwork in my next faction ZvZ. I am curious what this means for the Locus though, since there would be little reason to cast on enemy zergs with the purging effect out of the equation. Though this does mean the Locus would be able to hang back more than before.

      If the goal is to allocate the Locus' purging usefulness to other gear, while at the same time buffing Motivating Cleanse, it seems like zerg pushes will be more likely to be carried out, but CC intervals and clumps could be harder to pull off. Will this have the effect of prolonging ZvZ engagements while increasing quality of life? If so then I approve.

      Something I would be interested in seeing would be Locus retaining some measure of purging ability, such as a "Mark of the Void" effect that allies would receive, which purges whoever they themselves attack. It seems beneficial for the Locus to retain itself as a defense and ally-dependent counter-attack.

    • I think based on what I've seen they are making the Purge be lifecurse and the cleanse be Locus. Issue I see is upping the W cleanse to 10 people means why bring a locus when you can bring other arcane and use 10 man cleanse and couple of merc hoods.

      sure there still cases in a big enough ZvZ, just seems odd.