Re: [22. September 2021] Call to Arms Hotfix 10.1

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    • Re: [22. September 2021] Call to Arms Hotfix 10.1

      Hideout Changes stop breaking the game. albion is already dying. so much so that the dungeons barely release loot too scrap ... ¿¿there is no milk in the cows¿?¿?.

      Farming now is exposed to an easier ganking patch after patch they are still nerfed and lack of content now if you are farming you not only have to run to your base or an allied base ... now you have to knock on the door and casting the entrance.... GG who is going to escapes This is horrible.

      You are drying up and destroying the game every day .Before you went to the red or black zone with fear of dying but also in search of treasures now you only find scrap and death.

      maybe it is necessary to include in the game other systems that move the economy and destroy items include new tier new professions and new decorations add and not remove.

      May be New World solution .. random islands that last a short time and can be explored. rework to the dungeons. colors and character customization in events on maps such as city caravans or bosses pve. new map in hellgate for pvp more relevance the loss of territories of the cities and greater rewards. all the content is not dedicated to those small group of ganking players that every day has its best moment.I just hope that in the next patch the Royal cities lose their control and go from the blue zone to the red zone without control XD and that only thief and looters come on guys.

      ez win ganking thx good exp. i love you. if you need to destroy economy in the game do not ruin the minds of your players create content where they can spend that money. .or people will migrate to other games that still have a positive experience and the cows have milk...

      I just did a test to show you the black zone map of dungeon on map t7.

      loot XD FF. thx albion.

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