Graveguard armor needs a buff (or even a rework)

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    • Graveguard armor needs a buff (or even a rework)

      So graveguard armor seems like a great idea with a lot of potential, potential that was wasted completely

      So the purpose of this armor is to prevent an enemy from escaping and keep them engaged with you, but it has several problems

      1. the range, 2 meters, you need to be in melee to use it

      2. the time it takes to pull the enemy

      3. with that little uses it has a very high cooldown

      so I suggest a change to it

      right now it has 2 meter range, its a targeted ability and it takes like 3 seconds to pull the enemy if it stays within 30 meters of you

      my rework?

      With this rework it has more uses, it can be used to prevent escapes, to bring healers or other glass cannons into your team's zone, and can also be used for ganking