Change the Great Cursed Staff, not Lifecurse

    • Change the Great Cursed Staff, not Lifecurse

      SBI its been years since we joined together and started working hand in hand at altering each others lives, me playing the game (Season 4) and breaking things. You making things in the game and breaking the way I and others play it.

      As someone who has been playing curse for those years and have mained both Lifecurse and Damnation, (Shadowcaller is just terrible btw.) You are looking at the wrong weapon for your concept of purging and you are altering a weapon that has been a facet of mid level fights as well as having a use in mid to large ZvZ fights.
      • It reduces damage, one of the few weapons that reduce damage at all and you are trying to take it away.
      • You can put it on tanks that are holding chokes.
      • You yourself can be the choke.
      • You can debuff mobs that would normally 1 shot you, giving a chance for that PvE Content and being capable of actually clearing the challenge without having to cheese Mob mechanics.
      NDA patch notes.
      Cursed Staffs
      Enfeeble Blades is currently a very underrepresented ability in game. To give it a more useful role in the game, it is now reworked into a ground target area which purges all enemies each hit. Since the Locus now is only limited to cleanse, Lifecurse Staff can now take over it's role of the AoE purge in large sclae fights.
      • Enfeeble Blades (Lifecurse Staff)
        • The ability can now be cast at the ground and doesn't require an ally target anymore. The Blades will then stay on the ground area instead.
        • Enfeeble Blades not keep purging enemy buffs on every hit
        • Cast Range: 11m -> 15m
        • Cast Time: 1s -> 0.4s
        • Hit Delay: 0s -> 0.4s
      Current E Mechanics
      Enfeeble Blades

      • Range 11m
      • Cooldown 30s
      • Cast time 1s
      Summon Enfeebling blades, spinning in a 6m radius around the target ally for 4.5s. The blades deal (damage) every .5s. Decrease all damage an enemy deals by 5% for each time they are hit (Stacks up to 10 times) for 3s.

      Now on the Great Cursed staff, you have a E that has mediocre range and only sees a use in hell gates and you intended for the E to purge Druid healing stacks and guess what it fails at doing. Purging Nature healing stacks.
      Instead you now have the opportunity to make the E still function as it does but purge in maybe a larger

      Current E Mechanics
      Area of Decay

      • Range 15m
      • Cooldown 25s
      • Channel time 3.2s
      Create an Area of Decay with a 4m Radius, applying vile curse charges every 0.8 seconds, while channeling for 3.2s. Purges healing over time effects from all enemies in the area. Each Vile curse charge deals (damage) over 8s (stacks up to 4 times.)
      FYI the Purge only removes 1 stack of healing over time per damage tick.

      With that I will touch on one more Cursed staff that already does basically the same job of the Great cursed staff but better. I only show this as a comparison to the Great Cursed current ability.

      Demonic Staff
      • Field of Death
      • Range 15m
      • Cooldown 30s
      Conjure a field of death with a 7m radius, lasting 10s. Deals (Damage vs players/ +damage vs mobs) every 1s to all enemies within the field. Reduces healing received by 60%. Invisible enemies entering the field will be revealed.

      Literally no individual identity for either cursed staff as they both try to do the same thing but the Demonic does it better were as the Great cursed staff applies dots but really does not affect HoTs that are applied.

      PLEASE SBI reconsider your crazed idea with Lifecurse and focus on a weapon that already does what you want without having the passive you want literally inside it. Don't ruin one of the two weapons I actually enjoy playing in this game.

      Apparently this wasn't made clear in my post but the reason they are trying to change the Lifecurse is because they are still planning to rework the locus still.

      Arcane Staffs
      The locus is a very strong support weapon in ZvZs. Right now it allows for a very strong double role whenever the frontline engages or is engaged. It will remove the enemy buffs and cleanse all your allies, combined with the long up-time and radius it makes it makes for support that is always good to be dropped on both frontlines whenever they clash. To open these situations up for more deliberate decision we will remove the purge effect of the Void. This way we want to open up the possibilities for other support weapons and have the ZvZ meta generally revolve less around one single item. We are also increasing max target count for Motivating Cleanse to be more useful in large scale fights.
      • Motivanting Cleanse (all Arcane Staffs)
        • Max affected targets: 5 -> 10
      • Void (Malevolent Locus)
        • Doesn't Cleanse allies anymore
        • Doesn't Purge enemies anymore

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    • Allow me to speak frankly.... what drugs are you on???????? Great curse is currently in a very good spot, with a place in gvg and small scale fights where it is widely considered meta already. Allowing it to purge as well will literally take it from its already meta position to every team MUST run great cursed..... regarding lifecurse being a "facet of mid-level fights as well as having a use in mid to large zvz fights".... are you just delusional which absolute smoothbrain group, whether small scale or zvz, would ever run this weapon when even curse line has so much better alternatives (eg great curse, damnation)???????? even in the pve where it allows u to "clear PvE challenges without having to cheese mob mechanics" BLACK MONK STAFF JUST DOES IT BETTER!!!! LIFECURSE E IS OUTCLASSED IN EVERY CONTENT EVERYWHERE IF U THINK OTHER PEOPLE PLAY IT ALSO YOU ARE DELUSIONAL AND COPING UNDERSTAND THAT OUTDATED, TRASH, SO FAR OUT OF META THAT ONLY 0.0000000001% OF THE POPULATION WOULD EVER CONSIDER PLAYING MECHANICS SHOULD BE REWORKED

      Take league of legends for example. Pre- current mordekaiser rework was one of my favorite champions. He had an extremely low pick/ban rate so I could always play him, had a simple to understand and execute kit, and in some cases was just blatantly overpowered. However, because he was an extremely non-meta, trash tier pick that probably half the playerbase had forgot even existed, he recieved his rework turning him into the god of destruction he is now. This is lifecurses chance to rise in the meta and forge a new place, far from the shithole it had fallen into. you should be glad that devs are looking to change lifecurse, given the sad and pathetic state of the weapon currently