add a notification / confirmation when you suicide with items in the inventory

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    • add a notification / confirmation when you suicide with items in the inventory

      honestly I only use /suicide for fast travel so I dont have to go back to the travel planner. I always double check my inventory before /suicide but theres always that anxiety that you may have millions of silver in your inventory without you realizing it. This change would hopefully cleanse that anxiety.

      also pls make hoarfrost staff travel through terrain like every other weapon, i want to use it for castles. its also kinda underrepresented rn
      i love rushia
    • I've never used /suicide command to fast travel but it seems like a good choice to have. I will say this even though it's embarrassing. I've lost millions of silver for typing /suicide without a space on accident. I used to do that like a big dummy to express depression at a situation(typing /suicide with a space). I never used the command before and was astonished when my character just instantly died. Seems like a really really powerful command to not have any screen come up to ask you if you really want to do it. Either way, I learned my lesson and I'll never step near the command again.

      I've heard stories of other players that have lost millions doing the same thing. It doesn't make sense that for almost everything in the game that can effect you financially there's a choice to have a window pop up like buying tons of items at the auction house, but for /suicide command it happens instantaneously. I wonder how many players have had to learn this lesson in the worst way possible. I even heard of people doing it in HCE and losing all their gear, hundreds of millions.

      Is there a good reason not to have a window pop up asking you if your sure you want to do this? In what situation would you use /suicide where that extra few seconds would hurt you? Seems like a blaring overlook from the developers that should have been fixed years ago.

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