Best solo fame farm method per hour?

    • Best solo fame farm method per hour?

      Hey guys, i wanted to ask if is it possible to reach 1.3-1.5m fame per hour as a solo player (no HCE/avas/insight) or more. Im struggling to even reach 1m fame per hour tbh.
      I've already tried the following:
      • Spamming 8.1 solo dungeons - i get around 820k fame/h constantly. Best method time and cost efficient i currently know. 7-8 min/dg with xbow cleric robe build :thumbup:
      • Spamming 8.3 solo dungeons - 940-970k fame/h avg. Crap loot and not viable at all. Each dungeon gives you around 300 to 350k fame but takes 20+ min to do. Needs to bring diff gear swaps for bosses. Xbow build.
      • Solo T7 blue dungeons - between 650-740k fame/h. Mostly free credit fame compared to 8.1s. 1h axe tank build.
      • Solo T7 static - 740k-800k fame/h. Nearly free credit fame, no loot though. Trick is not wasting time with harder mobs unless you have to reset buff, and rotate fast. 1h axe tank build.
      • Ava solo chests / blue chests with axe tank build - a damn joke. 600k fame/h at most. <X
      • Ratting corrupted dungeons - 900k fame/h. Mace+mage robe flat t8 build. ?(

      I have seen a lot of people claim they make almost 1,5m fame per hour from ratting corrupted dungeons. I think its bs from personal experience. Mobs give little fame and are scattered, bosses take three to four rotations and also give little fame. Theres no way they're making that much unless they run each cd in 3 minutes skipping chests. Is it possible with 8.3 gear or something? or is it just bait to get uploaded dying with 8.3 on youtube? Would love to have someone clarify this.

      Im really desperate to get above the 1m fame/hour marker. I have been no-lifing this game for a while now and got little pve fame kek. Yeah, i could do HCE all day because i can afford a mp set, but its next to impossible to find and get into a good party that only does high levels. LFG channel is a big no-no and a mess. Playing as a tank got me -40m in less than a week, 85% from that being buying, selling maps and getting trolled. 15% actual repairs. HCE discord and /lfg people also be like "LFG DPS 1950/1950 10+". Holy crap. No chance to do 15+ at all.
      Also just wait for the elite levels.
      They'll be asking 2000 IP for a 13+ hce. Dear god, bring us the apocalypse already.
      Please reveal me your fame farming secrets.
    • how many slayer corrupted dungeons you can get done in an hour?
      my personal best was 8 per hour and average was 6 per hour at the lowest

      you get roughly 250k fame credits if you use your max spec gear and auto respec
      so in theory i should get 2mil fame credits assuming i did not get dived/ interrupted by other players

      i leave it up to you to convert it into fame per hour because my calculations may not be the same as yours

      also the fastest corrupted dungeon clear i have seen before is 4 mins

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    • Some time ago(maybe half a year?) I was running GRD in YZ as a solo, I think I had around 1,5 million fame cradits per hour(if I remember correctly-I mean it wasn't yesterday).
      Occasionally solid loot from the final chest + faction points.
      But it needed specific gear and the highest possible IP for speed.
      (I don't know if this is still possible due to various balance changes)
      (I now get my fame credits from tome of insight, pve in AO is boring and not fun for me..)
    • If you are power clearing Slayer CDs you can easily manage 10/hour. With very low infamy say 150k that'll still get you 1.2-1.5mil fame/hour

      For OP, you need to look at how much fame a standard Slayer CD actually gives you when you kill the minimum mobs needed. Map and path dependent it is ~140k fame/map
    • If you want credits:

      -Slayer corrupted in a full spec set, clear as fast as you can up to boss spawn, then continue and clear the whole dungeon. You don't get massive loot because your actual clears are slower but you get easy access to more fame

      I am running a 6.1 set, and my clears are pretty slow maybe 4/5 per hour max, but I make about 600k credits+ per dungeon, so around 2m credits an hour (roughly).

      Even better, my set is a fighting set and I bring OC, so even if I get invaded I will just try and fight, and if I lose it's cheap enough not to care + I am not opening enough chests to be a loot pinata anyways
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