Solo dungeon/ gathering

    • Solo dungeon/ gathering

      Thoughts on putting more gathering type of things in dungeons? For example, low chance of getting a rare hide/ore/stone spawn to kill and gather. Also reverting back to solo dungeons staying open for its entire run would bring back more life to solo dungeon content. Noticed that solo dungeons are pretty dead content now.

      Should be one of the highest risk vs reward situations as its a possibility of having more than 1 person dive you. I believe it should have the best loot table but perhaps not the best fame?

      Just a passing thought.
    • Tbh considering both GRDs and SRDs, I think SBI needs to setup their mind on what the content is. Right now is in a limbo that is too bad in many ways.
      Either they:
      1- Turn them completely safe and keep the rewards as it is. (shitty rewards, for SRDs they close exactly after one player enters, like CD, for group they close after 5 players enters or after 30 seconds, maps only works for the party that used it and balance the availability from the "dungeon slots" that are the spots that RDs can spawn)
      -- The only advantage I can think of is for mobile, cause it enables low-mid end mobile to farm those content.

      2- Or they turn GRDs and SRDs into multiple statics, but greatly increasing the rewards (same with the ones in the Roads) as well as availability (can't have 5 SRDs static in a red/yellow map, way too easy of a target) .
      -- This would come great with the new "openworld farm" that SBI is planning, revitalizing the open world pvp and enhancing the Risk vs Reward factor.

      I personally think it is better the second option. But either one of them is fine by me, the way it is rn isn't good at all.