WTS >> Bomb Squad !!!

    • WTS >> Bomb Squad !!!

      Hi all !

      If you need more manpower from expirienced and motivated guild you can hire "iBulgaria" to one of following services :

      - BOMB SQUAD
      - GANK SQUAD
      - Hideout Destroy / Protect
      - AVA ROADS Hideout Destroy / Protect
      - Power leveling in T8 zones
      - Craft all items T8
      - Gathering from max spec players

      All prices are in SILVER only !!! We are based in Thetford, but able to move. Valid for 1200/ 1500/ 1800/ 2100 timers. We can bring up to 30 ppl with 1350+ gear ! We are looking for more content and new friends. Reasonable prices. We can bring gucci gear aswell. Just msg me for any info. We can fight even for free if your guild it is small and etc.

      Ingame : Sas3bg

      Cya on battlefield !
    • missing videos of bomb squad results if you truly want to offer that service.

      my 2cent for that one specifically, get in bz, roam during your timers and explode any blob you see and disappear, rinse and repeat. do that in all bz. Someone will either get annoyed af at you and look for your bombsquad or some people will just try to contact you so you bomb the other instead.

      usually works well. however, make sure to bomb both side if you only bomb "one" side a day so they both can see the impact it does of you being on their side!

      Good luck with this!