NDA Locus Nerf

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    • I'd still like to see Arcane be more useful in a wider range of content.

      I mean, it's already ZvZ or bust in most cases, and any non-ZvZ usage is very gimmicky.

      Though I'd agree with other posts that the main issue with Arcane is you may as well be level 10 Arcane and just bring a T4 weapon as the scaling just isn't there.
    • Yeah, arcane is like ZvZ-elevator for new players, where you can participate, and be useful even without spec, and this is great.
      I would like to see hitpoints on this weapon however.
      And, since Retro will read it, taking advantage of the moment.
      Weeping is in worse state then gala pair, consequences of the same reasons.
      Why did you nerf Weeping so much?
      WTB skill

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    • There is just so much to question for arcane.

      Like, the empowering beam was nerfed when it enhanced a DPS too much in Hellgates. So it now increases damage by 80%, not 100%. It's still a channel.
      The question there is... why not just bring a second DPS at that point? You'd deal more and it'd be harder to interrupt and could be spread enough so you can't block it.

      Empowering beam enhancing someone to an advantage in a 2v2 scenario seems to literally be its purpose, but when it managed it, it got nerfed so just taking another DPS was better.
      It's a single-target ability, it's overall impact lessens for each additional person already dealing damage. 2v2 is the peak of its power and when it achieved usefulness, it got nerfed.

      This screams that it should just be dropped and replaced. It feels like it is an ability that can't have a successful scenario without being considered too powerful.

      Similarly, Energy Beam is the same. If it achieves what it sets out to do, it is too powerful. Which is why it is currently useless and is likely to remain that way; because it needs a nerf if it achieves its purpose.

      Then the abilities have have so little IP scaling that it makes no difference:
      Energy Beam
      Empowering Beam
      Motivating Cleanse
      Dark Sphere
      Time Freeze
      The Void
      Time Corridor

      Sometimes, the only difference IP makes for these abilities is they cost more. Nothing else.

      And then arcane has shields. Not the sustain of a healer, so it can't be taken to small-scale PvE content (yet also has a threat mechanic attached to it to fool you into thinking you can)
      But it also doesn't have the DPS of a DPS, even conditionally
      But it also lacks a more generic PvE E ability for every day content, unless you can get 2 Bow users as DPS and Time Corridor them (Although even this only results in the equivalent of 90% of a bow user auto attacking, so just bringing another Bow user would still be more useful in this ridiculously niche scenario).

      It feels like it's utility skills need some generic use, with a more conditional niche use.

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