Blazing E skill not working

    • Blazing E skill not working

      I saw the recent patch notes fixed some weapons, my question now is .... a long time ago i wrote a ticket that blazing E is not worki g as it should... when is this finally getti g a fix? Or will it be forgotten as the bearpaws E wich still doesnt work right after 2+ years...
      i just made a video about the damage, its 2 youtube clips, 1 is when a player leaves the AOE skill of the blazing :
      and this clip is where the player stands in the whole AOE :
      as you can see in both clips the player receives the standard damage per 0.5sec as intended but in both scenarios he doesnt get the extra damage of 1sec
    • Hey there,

      the damage dealt by Flame Tornado and the DoT after it is correct. The extra damage is not specified in the combat log, the original damage is just continued.

      The thing is that the damage dealt within 1 second starts a 0 seconds, then another tick at 0.5s and at 1s. So we'll check the tooltip again, because it's a bit confusing.