Please help me with 1h frost build

    • Please help me with 1h frost build

      I am really stressing out about optimizing my build for as much content as possible. For the time being, my favorite content is arenas, dueling random people, and grinding solo dungeons. I would also like to be able to do corrupted dungeons at some point soon.

      I’ve landed on playing 1h frost because of its versatility. I’ve been messing around with the build a lot, and don’t want to waste time by leveling the wrong equipment. I have a ton of tomes that I am waiting to use on the optimal gear. I understand that not all armor is going to be good for all content, but I want to land on something that will be viable in most content.

      What I’ve been using is:
      1h frost
      Guardian helm
      Scholar robes
      Cleric sandals
      Morgana cape

      I like the guardian helm for the durability and for the big shield in PvP settings. It isn’t really useful in pve, but the other option, royal cowl, wouldn’t work for 1v1 or corrupted dungeons, so I figure I should level the guard helm. My dmg doesn’t seem terrible in solo dungeons. I guess the other option would be the clerics cowl, but again, the active on it is more or less equivalent in usefulness to the guardian helm shield, but it doesn’t bring any durability to my build, which I am thinking I need for PvP and corrupted. Does this sound correct?

      I love the scholar robes for the big buff, it’s good for pve and PvP content. I have also seen people take assassins jacket for corrupted, but I think that would be shite for pve and for arenas.

      I’ve seen people take other cloth or leather boots as well, but I just love the extra damage from the clerics as well as the blink - which honestly feels so good, maybe best mobility ability in the game for a frost mage?

      Then, I thought about taking clerics cowl and soldier boots instead of guardian helm and clerics shoes. It’s almost a wash, the real comparison is that with the clerics cowl I can get 5% lower cast speed whereas the clerics shoes only give additional attack power, which I don’t think is as good on frost.

      Am I thinking about this correctly? Does anyone have any advice for my build given what content I am looking to do? I am honestly mentally exhausted from trying to optimize this build.

      Just found a nevermore build where he does something totally different:
      - clerics cowl
      - assassin jacket
      -hunter boots
      - lymhurst cape
      - mistcaller

      is this build usable in any content besides corrupted? Seems pretty tailored to that specific content, not sure these items would be useful at all in small scale pvp and probably not in pve/solo dungeons etc.


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