Regular 'Bow'

    • Regular 'Bow'

      • For me as a bow main that adjustment in the regular bow kill the weapon more so because of the shorten buff duration in enchanted quiver, imagine getting a seven stacks then the boss cast a skill then you need to get out of the range of the skill then after that, your will be reset again because you just move out of the range, and some time when there's three mobs target and you kill the first one and walk just two step to target the 2nd mobs because the 2nd is a little bit far and the arrow is slow, your stack will be reset because of the arrow need to land on the target for it to be counted as a stack.

      English not my main language, but I hope you guys understand what I want to say tho :) btw this is the change in the bow.

      Regular Bows are still a very strong pick in the 5v5 Crystal League. To make their damage output a bit less explosive, the ramp-up to the max stack buff now takes slightly longer. Additionally, the attack buff stacks now fall off more quickly if the Bow stops attacking. These changes should offer more counterplay options and a bigger reaction window for the enemy team, while still keeping the general Bow playstyle intact, where it can focus single enemies down very quickly once max attack buff stacks are reached.
      • Enchanted Quiver (Regular Bow):
        • Attack Damage Increase per Stack: 35% → 30%
        • Attack Speed Increase per Stack: 15% → 13%
        • Max Attack Buff Stack: 6 → 7
        • Attack Buff Duration: 5s → 2.5s