HIghly suggest against locus change

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    • HIghly suggest against locus change

      Retroman wrote:

      Arcane Staffs
      The locus is a very strong support weapon in ZvZs. Right now it allows for a very strong double role whenever the frontline engages or is engaged. It will remove the enemy buffs and cleanse all your allies, combined with the long up-time and radius it makes it makes for support that is always good to be dropped on both frontlines whenever they clash. To open these situations up for more deliberate decision we will remove the cleanse effect of the Void. This way other supports need to be more deliberate with using other cleanses in these situations and also allowing the enemy to counter push with their own CC, without the Void negating most of it automatically.
      • Void (Malevolent Locus)
        • Doesn't Cleanse allies anymore

      This will make the game for zvz literally whoever gets the first engage win since we have mass CC for huge groups but no mass cleanses (5+ targets) outside of the locus.

      I understand that your pov is that locus does "too much" and kinda agree on that. it should not purge enemies and only cleanse allies if this is the way you want the change to go.

      A group cleanses that can affect 20+ people is needed when any cc even a 1h mace can stun 50+ people if they are in aoe range.
      or at worst make the cast of the locus interruptable by cc or last way shorter when hit (a little like nature staves W).

      You nerfed aoe escalation to prevent people of one shooting on first engages even if people were making horrible mistakes and the lack of good supports was causing that too and now that there is more good support, you just cut the leg they stand on... makes no sense that to penalize them that hard.

      Making the cleanse only affect 20 people could be one way to do it and that you can't be cleansed by 2 different locuses in the same 5-10 second period could be something too.

      or if you split the weapon in 2, one to cleanse, one to purge that would make sense. but currently removing the cleanse will 100% just give the win guaranteed to whoever brings more numbers since you can't have good support players cover their guildmates and they'll have nothing else to fall on, W cleanse is 5 allies only and in a 20-30man clump, you will stack them and some people will get cleansed 3-5 times instead of having everyone cleansed once.

      Enigmatic can't stacks so that won't cover up enough the change, heck sometimes it already is barely sufficient when having an enigmatic+locus to protect people and they do require some decent coordination when used on larger-scale fights (60+vs60+).

      This is a really weird approach to solve the "locus" does too much and there are too many good locus players now compared to before when it wasn't as big of an issue.
      It is a skill-based weapon (can't be a good locus by just spamming the spell on cd).

      Again, the best change to it imo would be making it interruptable so there is something that can be done about it and split the cleanse/purge on 2 different weapons or remove the purge if something needs to be removed.

      Locus always been used defensively first and foremost due to how lower and valuable the purge is compared to the cleanse.
    • Bro locus without cleanse is so bad now
      arcane in general already has very bad scaling with IP

      locus was one of the weapons in arcane that was still decent because it had resistance, cleanse and a purge all in one which justify the channeling

      the resistance nerf was reasonable because of the purge and cleanse but now with the removal of cleanse it is no longer strong enough to be a channeled skill

      If removing the cleansing is your goal then substitute it with some softer buff
      Example would be
      1) increase resistance given and give cc resistance to who ever is in the bubble


      2) remove the channeling completely. this would open up the arcane user to use other skills/ more mobility in exchange for the huge nerf

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    • This would be an awful change. Arcane is already a joke when it comes to IP. I'd argue that IP doesn't even matter for most of the weapons anyway, since it's just a support weapon.

      If they're going to remove the cleanse, they should at least remove the channel as well so that we can still throw down our Ws for cleanse.