Is gathering on multiple accounts in seperate clusters allowed.

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    • Is gathering on multiple accounts in seperate clusters allowed.

      I'm going to describe what I'd like to do and I'd like to know whether or not I could get in trouble for doing this:

      According to this thread, you are allowed to gather on multiple accounts if both accounts have premium and they are not in clusters near each other and they don't interact with each other outside of town. What I would like to do (on stream on twitch) is create 4 accounts in different starting areas. Do the tutorial on all of them then after doing the tutorial on all 4 accounts, they will all have premium for 3 days. At this point, they all have premium and they're all in different parts of the world. I would tab between them and gather on all 4 accounts simultaneously until I made a little over 2 million silver on all 4 accounts, then they would meet up in some town and transfer the silver to a single account where I would then buy 30 days of premium on that account thus completing a challenge of how to get premium on a fresh account as quickly as possible without pvp or being given handouts by other players.

      I figured this could be answered sooner by posting on the forums than by emailing support so just let me know.

    • I would also like to know whether doing dungeons on them seperately is allowed. Assuming they stay away from each other (a few zones apart) and are not doing them together. For example, using skills which do high damage but have long cooldowns, tabbing between accounts as their cooldowns come back to kill a few mobs, then swapping again. Is that allowed?