• I'M a main axe player and I heavily disagree with you.
      The skillshot isn't hard to land (i play with 250ms) since it has a great project speed and no stand time to land, the aoe is kinda bad but that is intentional.
      The changes came to enable a more rounded playstyle since it opens up more possibilities, like easiet dungeon clears, ganking and even a little (juuust a little) zvz.
      I understand your frustation, but since its an online game, changes are constantly happening, you need to look at the bright side, not the otherway around.
    • Personally I love the change - the splatting sound it makes when it flies throught 8+ enemies, all the bloody animations and it's so easy to aim. The more mobs you are fighting the easier it gets, because of it being an AOEish skillshot - using it to solo group dungeons [bosses included] and soloing faction outpost bosses - axes are the greatest weapons of Albion, and every other weapon is inferior and good for peasants!
    • 3000 hours?!

      Bro, it took me exactly three days [30 hours] of solo farming to gather those, and it's enough to level like two weapons:

      Just pick another weapon and invest some hours. Meta always changes, and the weapons will always be updated at one point or another. I have levelled four builds to 7x100 spec so far, and I just know in an update or two yet another will need levelling. It's a process of constant growth and learning, you can't just "level one build" and use it till the game dies.