Why I left Albion

    • Why I left Albion

      I come back and pout in town for a few minutes a month, but I haven't played Albion in a very long time. The changes to battleaxe caused me a lot of problems and grief. I don't like playing with skill shots. I play very well with targeted abilities, but I can not do well with skill shots because of physical limitations. I have heavily invested for years leveling axes to maximum, all the armor that can be helpful in battleaxe builds to maximum, and I am just stuck and directionless in the game.

      Major changes like this are done in such a cruel way, it is not the first time the core functionality of weapons have been replaced and it wont be the last. I can't face starting over after 5 years and I can't afford to spend the ridiculous amount of money it takes to respec. Items take too much work to max out to just remove them from the game with no compensation. I can never play Albion again until some justice is done for the people who have had years of their lives taken away for no particular reason. Battleaxe is not better or worse with a skill shot e, it just is not the item I farmed for.
    • I'M a main axe player and I heavily disagree with you.
      The skillshot isn't hard to land (i play with 250ms) since it has a great project speed and no stand time to land, the aoe is kinda bad but that is intentional.
      The changes came to enable a more rounded playstyle since it opens up more possibilities, like easiet dungeon clears, ganking and even a little (juuust a little) zvz.
      I understand your frustation, but since its an online game, changes are constantly happening, you need to look at the bright side, not the otherway around.
    • Personally I love the change - the splatting sound it makes when it flies throught 8+ enemies, all the bloody animations and it's so easy to aim. The more mobs you are fighting the easier it gets, because of it being an AOEish skillshot - using it to solo group dungeons [bosses included] and soloing faction outpost bosses - axes are the greatest weapons of Albion, and every other weapon is inferior and good for peasants!
    • It means nothing to me if you like it. It means nothing to me if you prefer skill shot. The issue to me is that I farmed for 3000 hours to max out a targeted ability, that targeted ability was removed from the game. I am happy for you that you love skill shot E's that is great for you. I don't and never will. Why did I deserve to have my entire account invalidated by a change with no recourse? It isn't like they removed targeted abilities form the game.
    • 3000 hours?!

      Bro, it took me exactly three days [30 hours] of solo farming to gather those, and it's enough to level like two weapons:

      Just pick another weapon and invest some hours. Meta always changes, and the weapons will always be updated at one point or another. I have levelled four builds to 7x100 spec so far, and I just know in an update or two yet another will need levelling. It's a process of constant growth and learning, you can't just "level one build" and use it till the game dies.