Add these features to mobile

    • Add these features to mobile

      (please SBI a litle acknowledgement on this thread)

      1.) "change spell while moving" when moving and i want to change my spells i need to stop then click to do it. it will going to unequip the item instead if i'm gonna click the item while moving. i suggest: while moving i just need to long press it then be able to open window to change spells.

      2.) enlarge the circle mark at the bottom of the targets foot. makes it easier to identify who is the current target. it happens when group of enemy standing close together they hid that sircle marked on the target.

      3.) allow us mobile user to adjust our HUD interface icons to from clear to dark.

      --( Disadvantages for mobile users )--

      4.) "global screen size" means no more wider screen all are equal camera height. this feature is consider cheats in other games make the user unable to play for hundred thousand hours. i dont understand why sbi allows it on your game.

      5.) "loading time" this issue was address so long ago but in actual game play the loading time to another zone is STILL the same tsk. (one of my big problem in pvp'ng)

      6.) the sensivity of dragging spells is STILL not so good (though not as bad as when time of queen. but still need some more pushes)

      7.) "ping" the role of ping gives a lot of advantage for pvp'er. well i'm in asia and using mobile so maybe is it what it is? or maybe you have some hidden tools to improve it? i don't know.

      8.) "heavy grapics" i'm using midrange mobile my specs are enough what the system requires but when in large scale pvp which occures to much grapics makes my world stop and freez like a icepop. is there any way you guys can fix it? thankyou

      9.) increase the distance capability of "select target button". in PC even the character is on the edge of screen they still manage to inspect it meanwhile in mobile can't do it.

      thats all for now. hope i won't post these again in the future. thankyou