Re: 1533 Accounts banned for third-party currency transactions

    • This was what was posted by SBI regarding the matter:

      Nesnes wrote:

      In our latest ban wave, we have banned 1533 Accounts for involvement in RMT (real-money-trade, aka third-party currency transactions). These actions are expressly prohibited by our terms & conditions
      Full Terms & Conditions can be read here.

      Among these accounts were some very well-known players involved in RMT and people associated with them, including the leaders of the well-known guild Blue Army.*

      If you are saying SBI back tracked on what they posted in regards to the reason BA leadership was banned was due to someone else being in the guild who was previously banned and that's it, not RMT related reasons, then they should make a formal statement stating that BA leaders were not banned due to RMT reasons, and make an apology as they are posting blatant lies and smearing a guild. That makes banning BA leadership nothing more then a joke and a publicity stunt. That makes SBI a joke of a company. Or, BA leaders actually did get banned for RMT reasons, and that means you are the one who misunderstood the reason for the ban.

      In regards to why this isn't a flawed argument, in terms of cheating in any scenario such as competitions, tests, schools and real life, when it comes to proof after a cheater has been caught cheating, you would surprised that most scenarios of cheating does not include a detailed summary of where, when, how cheating/rule breaking affects things. Once caught, all those people of authority know is that the cheater broke the rules, they cheated, and they don't go into the specifics of "oh, they only cheated at this part", or "oh, they only said they broke the rules because of another reason not related to the test/competition". If you pull out your phone during a test, your teacher is not going to go through every question to figure out which question you used your phone for and whether or not that moment of pulling your phone out had any affect on your ability to do the test. Its just a blanket disqualification. Whether using your phone had any affect on your ability to do the test and get 1st place no longer matters since you used a tool that no one else was allowed to use. In this scenario, it is exactly the same. I even gave examples as to how RMT can have a direct impact on winning the season. Whether the player used all the examples or not is no longer my concern to figure out. All I know is that the guild leaders were caught, and banned for RMT reasons, and when paired BA's own members openly admitting that they had no players to fight against for the majority of the season, it tells me that for the most part, they did nothing except ride the achievements of a guild leader that was banned for RMT reasons. I didn't falsely accuse BA leaders of breaking the rules, SBI posted they did. Because SBI posted that they broke the rules and were caught doing so, it undermines every season point earned by BA.

      So unless BA didn't get banned for RMT reasons as you stated, this is not made-up nonsense. It's actually quite a reasonable response to expect players to not be rewarded for the actions of a cheater.
    • thisismine wrote:

      then they should make a formal statement stating that BA leaders were not banned due to RMT reasons, and make an apology as they are posting blatant lies and smearing a guild
      You and I both agree on this.

      There's threads that went on a considerable extent discussing this - even where Korn and other SBI community staff said they "warned" BA leaders that they risked ban by allowing said player's alt in the guild (they never warned them)
      -Then SBI clarified that they never directly "warned" BA leaders about the possible ban for having the character in the guild, then tried to play it off like "they should have known the risks by allowing a perma banned player to have a character in the guild."

      It's all there, you search and find it for yourself.

      Essentially what happened was that Nesnes, the new community manager, is a former Fricks player who has a personal grudge against BA from old in-game beef, and essentialy created a reason to ban Mojo and Pareille (Pareille never having literally anything to do with any of this nonsense). So SBI did what SBI did and now they even intentionally botched the design of the season win statue as an additional slap in the face to all the BA members who put in all the work to make the season happen.

      Anyways, it's water under the bridge now because we all know SBI has lost all credibility by bending to the will of the ignorant masses. Mojo and Pareille are perfectly happy retiring since BA was disbanding anyways. The guild will always retain its season wins because they were earned and will always be the greatest guild the game has ever seen - but SBI's reputation will never recover in the eyes of its best players.

      Onward and upward.
      Gamer Dad. Old enough to know better, much too young to care.