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      How about we can setup NPC in our guild, that every member can access, that would give quests. owner would set up text and provide reward. Each member that completes the quests gets the reward (from the pool provided by the owner).
      Quests could be kill 20 heretics, gather 100 wood etc. maybe even let guild owner setup chain quest that leads to ultimate reward. Quests could be one time or daily etc.
      Quest givers could maybe be traded and maybe obtained in dungeons or some other way.
      Could place those NPC in home island so guests with privilege rights could access them too.
    • mmos are all about community interactions and therefor i really like your idea. As an example, in Never Winter game, which has awesome dungeons but full of bugs and exploits and was totally p2w game, I enjoyed playing the foundry part of that game for a long time. I think it was the only mmo that provided the gamers with the so called foundry. Simply put it was a bunch of tools to create dungeons with a lot of trigger types and in game mobs. It was an endless fun, and the game made it easier by providing both players and creates for rewards for completing the top and decently rated foundries that made it to get certified as no troll foundry.

      I love your idea allowing communities to create quests and reward them. I also would go one step further and push for a foundry in the game where the game would reward players and creators for rating and completing certified foundries.