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    • specializations

      Why are the game specializations and clothing tiers if they don't do anything? why level of clothes were invented if they do not give anything too, they only increase the cost of repair and spoil the game and take away the urge to continue playing. I have specializations done and I am still not able to make a blue dungeon? why have I been tiring for over a year and doing specializations if they give me nothing ???
    • It increases item power (IP) of that specific item when you are wearing it.
      Each 100 IP above the previous tier, on average, increases damage by ~9%, armor by ~3% and HP by ~6%.
      That means when you have enough spec, a 6.0 item can be as strong as an 6.3 item, which in term improves your personal economy.
      - You're a monster.
      - Am I?
    • why normally I kill two magicians and one book and today I am not able to kill them only my life is declining as fast as if I had t6.1 and I am wearing t8.3.I will add that repairs in this game are the greatest stupidity they could think of because at this point I am losing 1m 300k with earnings on dungeons of 50k or 100k with active premium where players without premium earn from 200 to 300k more premium in this game no I will buy because it is not profitable

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    • I stopped doing solo dungeons a long time ago because they are too easy for me. group dungeons, in specializations and t8.3 clothing I should do without any problem on blue and yellow maps and I can't do it because once it is possible to do it and once it is impossible.the blue dungeon I was doing was difficult at the beginning and at the very end there was an easy boss that I should struggle with and not kill him, I did it without any problem and I couldn't handle easy bosses,my dungeon walk looked like that every 4 mobs the difficulty level changed from easy to difficult
    • Well, a blue dungeon is a group dungeon, so it's not really meant for doing solo so yeah, you not being able to do it is kinda normal (apparently dagger players can solo it somehow, someone please explain this to me).

      I don't really know if bosses have that giant buff that normal mobs do, but it can also depend on the amount of skills that they cast (some ranged bosses have a huge auto attack damage, so you might be dying to this)