Empty maps!!There is too little player!

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    • Empty maps!!There is too little player!

      After playing this game for half a year, I notice the following phenomenon in game

      1 there is basically no people in some ava-road maps even if its juicy because its too hard to find. Only little pve activities occur there in maps like opavun, so there is basically 0 pvp activities happening there too.
      Its now really hard to find a place to fight or dive in ava-road maps. I guess just rearrange the portal type will help. For example say like no more than 2 maps any ava-road map is linked to any map in royal/black zones. And then just make the maps of the same portal type. No more map with green and blue and gold portal, and then link to another map with 3types of portal at the same time. Time wasted on waiting really pushing players away from this game. Just make sure each ava-road map is of the smae type of portal,either green or gold or blue or whatever. This makes two group of SAME size entering to the same map from different places possible without extened waiting time. This should trigger funnier fair fight but not 7v2 or something

      2why is there no place for 5v5 or whatever size pvp without capping ip. ANY chance there is hellgate that no ip capping? ip capping means wearing high ip in this scenario is wasting of silver. But if one is willing to pay for expensive gear, why shouldnt he enjoy joy from out-damage his opponent?he risks much more in terms of silver used , so its fair he enjoys better chance of winning. Now with ip capping, everyone is using trash t6gear becoz wearing8.3 changes little or nothinng. There is no motovation to play hellgate at all, becoz even u win, the gear u get are all t6 or at most t8 trash.

      3 too much maps.this game used to be fun becoz lots of spontaneous action occur when ppl of different types gather in same map. But now they r separated becoz too much maps.

      4 pve too safe.
      if there is HCE for players thats afraid of dying already, why the rest pve activities super safe now? Just put all the players other than hce players exposed to risks! Group dg can be done within 10mins in some case,and then with a scout in entrance. i hv alsolutely no idea the difference of hce and blue dg in terms of safety. Just cancel these ramdom dgs and put players in one or two areas if they want pve, increase the length of dg or whatever increases thier risk of being dived or ganked. They go hce already if they wnat safety. Too much option for pve player means they r too spreaded. Then making it really boring for pvp players becoz u cant find these pve players u also cant another group of pvp players. Its just empty map most of the time

      I mean the game is too pve friendly atm. People who like pvp lack motivation to play because the mechanism now protect pve players too much and there is no place for pvp players of small group size to fight against another group of pvp players that both of them willing to risk more. If u r pvp players of small group size, u find it difficuclt to find another group of players that just willing to risk more and have a fair fight becoz there is no motivation or place to fight rather fairly with good gear. Either it is time consuming gathering 2different group of same size in ava-road maps or there is no motivation to wear good in hellgate.

      when some pvp player quit becoz they cant find fair and funny juicy fight. all this game left is ganker with4.1gear, happy pve forever players, and players that only fight unless they r in super huge blob in black zones fighting another group with not more than 20ppl.
    • agree with you, but the game will not be the same, the goal is to keep the new player, and the new players want pve and security, so that they can plunder on the phone in blue locations in the evening. In the next year or two, inflation and the depreciation of resources from the save gameplay will finish off the game and it will turn into a full-fledged pve game for klats klats players in the style of tamagotchi

      So enjoy what's left of the old game we loved, soon it won't be :)
    • 1. just cause u dont see them doesnt mean they arent there, when guy 1 comes upon a chest sees noone does it and leave, then guy 2 comes sees the same dungeon being not done and think,
      "man roads are dead noone is on roads" , maybe u need to be the guy creating the content and not just stealing others, but hey i get it, noone wanna be the guy on mobs

      2. u hae crystal battles, higher tier is uncapped

      3. personally i dont think theres not enough maps, the problem is theres nothing that brings ppl to leave the safety of the royals since u can zerg out any danger

      4. everyone complains about hce, but remove the option of doing hces in town and noone would be doing hce in 8.3. u would never get those ppl to bring out 300m gear into red/black. and scouts is a player generated problem since noone wants to lose, same reason solo dungeons are closing,
      if ppl dont dive with 5+ there wouldnt be the need.
    • 100% agree here.
      sbi is slowly killing the game with all this carebear shit.
      but relax, some hardcore mmorpgs are coming like mortal 2.
      at the actual state of albion this will cost sbi so many players because the hardcore community (that more or less found albion) will just move on when there are new titles.
      the game wont live with just carebears left because when theyr resources are worth nothing anymore they will leave too.
      at the end it will be a dead game.
      seems like sbi aims for the short profit at this point and they lost theyr long term vision.

      EDIT: connecting only same group sizes for roads would be cool but they simply wont do it.
      the chances are higher that they turn it into a pve instance then connecting fair groups for fair fights.
      open world is more or less dead. they want to improve open world but.... why they killed it in the first place?
      its obv that all this changes that made "albion saver" just killed the content.
      lets see what happens when the last one is bored of cd....

      ok, you can gank or gather and not all ow content is dead but i remember glory days of dungeon fights non stop.
      this is simply over and i just feel bored when my hellgate mates are not online.
      besides hellgates there is nothing left in albion that is not completely boring....

      if you take a look at the steam chart the game is already at a steady decreasing playerbase over the last months.
      imho the release of a real sandbox could probably hit hart at the current state of the game and sbi should really try to improve the game and go back to the roots at least a little bit...

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    • They should create a server without full loot and make the items only repairable through spending resources to create demand and to monetize the game using casual (mobile) players. And create a PVP server just to isolate hardcore PVP players and let them kill themselves in a sandbox..

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    • ava roads was had a great potential but there are WAY too many of them, finding someone is very rare

      If there were less ava roads it would be easier, I have seen some videos and streams of pvp in the roads, we could have those great fights a lot more often if they didnt split them that much
    • Mrpotato wrote:

      ava roads was had a great potential but there are WAY too many of them, finding someone is very rare

      If there were less ava roads it would be easier, I have seen some videos and streams of pvp in the roads, we could have those great fights a lot more often if they didnt split them that much
      depends on the time. at primetime there are many ppl farming chests, gather resources, do dungeons and so on.
      its hard to find open dungeons or resources at primetime.
      i dont think there are to many roads tbh.

      if you go for fights btw try blue portals around caerleon or in front of the cities.
      thats what we do at least if we go for some pvp.

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