Half Old Man

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    • Half Old Man

      Dear Players, please let me share with you this story...

      Once upon a time a kid received a strange birthday gift: it was a black box, we could say a 'magic' black box.
      After connected it to the TV, on the black screen they appeared two little white lines, moving up and down, and a little white point moving all around the screen. They were just two lines and one point but... In the mind of this kid, thank to something called 'imagination', the lines became two football players and the point a ball; the next time, the lines were two tennis rackets, and the point a yellow ball...
      Since that day, the kid never stopped to play videogames, and while he was growing up, new technologies allowed to players to have more and more powerful consoles.
      Unfortuntely, contribute of imagination was going down because the game graphic was incredibly realistic... No space to imagine what was not on the screen: everything was there!
      The years passed and this kid is now a (half old) man...
      About a month ago this kid/man discovered a game called 'Albion Online'
      And it was love...
      Since that day, this kid/man has been not able to stop playing but being a worker, time is not a lot.

      Ok... the half old man it's me...

      I started playing AO about a month ago. I'm lucky because I found an active and collaborative guild that is strongly supporting me; anyway, I'm happy joinig also to this community.

      I've played a lot of games, but my preferites are World Of Warcraft (how many nights spend in raiding....), Diablo and Sky COTL.

    • Ahh Mr.Old man, you and I are one of the same, and that black box is called an Atari, the 2 white line and 1 dot is called Pong! those were the days! ehheh super fun! and remember! we played BMX! we scrapped our knees but got on it again! to scrape it even more! hahaah been 3 years in AO for me now! hweheh