downside to being in a guild?

    • downside to being in a guild?

      Not long ago, I gave this game a try. I was about to uninstall because nothing I was doing worked, then I saw watched a youtube video. This guy was... a gatherer. That sounded like the dumbest thing ever, then I tried it. Well, I've been gathering since.

      I wandered into a red zone to gather and was about to get ganked. Happens to me a lot. One of them said stop running and join guild. So I joined.

      I have no idea what I'm doing in this game. I gather and run solo dungeons in yellow zones. I get a kick out of gathering, dungeons are meh.

      The guild has no territory, and there is no guild tax. Is there any downside to having joined?
    • Guilds provide a community for you to conduct activities with. If the guild is providing you with some that you are missing/need (knowledge, safe areas, friends, gear etc) than it is advantageous for you. Some guilds come at a cost of mandatory activities or high tax rates, but you as the player must determine if these are worth your investment.

      At the end of the day, if you are in a better position in your guild than you were as solo, it is worth.