[21. September 2021] Call to Arms Patch 10

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    • PrintsKaspian wrote:

      Hideout Changes

      Entering Hideouts now requires a channel for players who have not set the Hideout as "Home". This change is intended to reduce the safety provided by having multiple allied Hideouts in a single zone. The following conditions apply:

      If a player has set "Home" in a Hideout, they can still instantly enter it without a channel

      The protection bubble granted when leaving a Hideout no longer breaks with open-world interactions, making it possible to safely channel back into a Hideout without losing the bubble

      Additionally, players with their Home set in a Hideout within the Roads of Avalon will no longer lose their Home setting when using the Travel Planner and then traveling through a Realmgate in a Royal City
      Castle Outpost Changes

      Removed doors of Castle Outposts to make them easier to conquer by smaller groups and encourage more guerilla warfare

      Warning messages when Castle Outposts are under attack now appear only in the guild chat, to reduce onscreen messages for guild members

      Time until next guard wave spawns: 120 seconds → 60 seconds
      I really thought AO had a better standard then the previous games i have played. but i can see they are the same they claim they want to help smaller guilds have a chance to experience outlands and have a chance to move there and play bringing more people in to the "end game" areas. but with the same breath you slide the knife in by doing this ridiculous ****!
      small guilds will be far more vulnerable now then ever...... not being able to use public or friendly HO's without a channel just means these larger guilds who spend all day ganking gatherers / fame farmers just make sure have speedy mount and a fear robe and you have 0 chance to ever get in a HO other then one you have set to home.
      so now that you pretty much said either convert to large guilds to be protected or stay in royals do you really think small guilds will bother with the outlands? oh and don't give me that HQ crap cause small guild (even if manage to earn enough points to drop one) will never get a power core or be able to manage to do enough to have a continued upkeep therefore its just a matter of time before destroyed (unless of course you pay rent) so really all this fancy bull is about as laughable as waiting until known RMTers win the season and honored forever with a statue before you try to act like no one is above the rules but we all know since they help drive the need for players to buy gold you are ok with what they are doing. you are only upset about it because you want people to buy from you not them. really love the game concept but be honest and tell people the truth you don't care about anyone not making you money .... and its the massive alliances like arch / poe / Blue army ect ect the get you paid so no matter what they doe you will let them be until you can act without hurting your own pocket. stop feeding your players dreams of honey and sugar while feeding them to your personal pet groups.... and stabbing them in the back. will be interesting to see how many people head over for new world when it launches at least there at the beginning everyone will have a fair chance to enjoy the game.
    • A "small guild" should have only 1 HO at best anyway so the HO channel change does nothing to them. The Queen HO system launched created a huge amount of safety entitlement it appears. The BZ is suppose to be dangerous. Literally have a safe haven every portion of the map was destroying the game. You are not suppose to be able to endlessly farm resource/silver safely.
    • In Albion it is: do what you want as long as you are a ganker, if not, there is no improvement or balance to help you.

      I think developers don't think about who sustains the game's economy by farming and collecting, the only focus is to support the gankers.

      I am very sad about this routine.
      • Removed option to /suicide after being knocked down by mobs in Corrupted Dungeons, as intended

      I'm not sure if this had a side effect on the HCE's suicide mechanics and/or if it was intentional but since this update, it is not possible to /suicide right after getting knocked down on the HCE map, this leads to really stressful situations where we need to come back fast but have no idea why we can't suicide.

      If this was intentional please improve the death message to explain how the new /suicide works and if not I look forward to the fix.


      PS: If this is not the correct place to post this, please point me in the right direction.