1533 Accounts banned for third-party currency transactions

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      So let's say I have heard a specific story about you dozens or maybe even 100s of times. You are saying that me having heard that story lends it enough credibility that I should assume it as fact? That's like, how you think the world works? Repetition, repetition, repetition. So if I tell people that I am attractive and athletic enough, they will have to start believing it?
      Lets put it this way - there's a big difference between people like you reading reddit and getting your opinion there, and GM's talking to me directly in private and showing me the correspondence with SBI, where SBI overturns the ban. Kind of the same difference as SBI reading reddit before deciding what needs to be developed, instead of playing the game and experiencing it with their own eyes.

      Crossed your mind why people like Lebron/Shiro/QueenBR/Warriz/Predatz/etc are still playing the game on alt accounts, even to the point where even the official stream caster (and we all know those comedians don't play or have a clue about the game 90% of the time) is literally calling out the alt as a previously banned main?

      The belief you profess, that false-positives and deals under the table doesn't exist with SBI, is funny to say the least. They can't make a mistake right? And when they realize they shit the bed, they can't panic and double-down rather then admitting their mistake?

      Cool story brosef. :D

      So you and your friends decided that your opinions are more valuable than anyone elses. But, you have a bunch of evidence! This is great news! Please post it all so we can all evaluate it!

      Predatz? Lebron? I mean I vaguely know these names of individual players. But, what makes these specific people so important, while BA isn't important? Also, weren't a lot of these people just, you know, also BA members?

      I believe in false positives. I have in fact helped a couple people who actually suffered misfortune at the hands of SBI. The thing is. You get a sense for these sorts of things. I know that you are so busy with how involved in the game you are. Just slaving away 60 hours a week in the game, so you can be smarter and better informed than the actual people making the game.

      But, your entire philosophy of SBI is your evil oppressive enemy, out to destroy you and all your friends. That's some real high level fan fiction there. You are actually role playing inside and outside the game now.
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      There are people in Albion that have done far worse and far more serious then what you describe, you shouldn't really have any illusions about the community in Albion.
      You have been posting for a month now that he did nothing wrong, didn't deserve to be banned, and how SBI has been "unprofessional" because you buddy got banned. When people point out all the thing he has done to justify the ban, you ignore the facts and then post "other's have done far worse" and still refuse to accept the things he had done.You still think he got banned because he was quitting the game still?
      "The leadership" (so, multiple people including him) was banned for allowing a banned player back into the guild who allegedly started an RMT operation using guild assets after being warned not to do it." There is preceding cases where "warnings" turned out to be non-existent, so I question the entire thing.
      I do view the whole "secrecy" as highly suspicious, since IMO if you can name and shame a whole guild then it should be no problem to release an overview of the evidence. I've yet to see any proof of Mojo being warned, inviting a character into the guild, and giving permissions to whatever chest to said character.

      Everything outside of that is only a sad attempt at obfuscation.
      except for the only leadership that needs to be "warned" is the actual guild leader imo. as per in-game, that is the highest "leadership" and probably was the only one contacted. (this is an assumption on my end tbf and I could be wrong). so if that person doesn't pass the info down the line yup, that means some people didn't get warned at all potentially because they were a bad GM.

      Like it was mentioned by SBI staff, it was almost better to say it since people would have notice those high profile individual not playing the game due to the ban and they would have been left speculating and some might have gotten the idea that if there was sufficient proof they would have actually be left unpunished regardless of their plans of stopping the game. This obviously would have been "worse" for SBI imo.

      The only solution to this points is just making any bans visible in-game chats (so when a character or account is banned, all banned characters names show in system chat. No forum list nothing more.

      This way you know on the spot what happened and who without over-shaming them.

      And yeah this isn't asking for public vendetta's, this would actually help SBI in situations like this ones. Nothing tells us if the players banned were banned a day before the forum post or if it's all bans over the last x amount of days or months.

      So many games do exactly what I mentioned without having legal issues so it obviously isn't a legal problem (I sincerely doubt that bigger and higher profile companies would take that chance).

      So at this point, SBI went and was super upfront about addressing those specific high profile player bans instead of just remaining silent and letting people speculate way more including let the eventuality of rumours about always getting away with this type of behaviour (rmt'ing or enabling rmt) unpunished.

      so time to stop being shook after over a month here. your attitudes points to some things that might resemble someone that have shit they regret doing and putting them at risks.

      As much as you want to flame Albion TV for naming some people, since as far as i've been made aware over the seasons, the few of those specific people played "both" sides of the wars. This mean they interacted and were allowed to interact with the blackzone politics to the point of getting in game "content" (i am sorry can say content with a straight face when showing up with 3x the numbers and trying to cluster queue your opponents out of the map fun content or good content) by the leadership of Squad, POE and eventually Elevate if even 5% of what i found online would be true. (i say elevate since i do not know who else was truly leading that anti-poe/squad coalition back then).

      So does that means if the right things come out all thsoe guild leaders should get the same punishment? cause there's no way these type of high profile people don't get to shotcall and be paid for it without having the GM hearing about it which puts you at risk of the same punishment then.

      Where does this shit stops?

      Like genuinely, if you truly are worried about the situation, give the knowledge you have about who is banned and still plays to SBI and if they don't do shit about it, actually expose those perm ban players so shit gets traction if SBI are truly not doing anything . This does mean giving them time to investigate and make sure it isn't just "personal" ig vendetta's to remove opposing players to your own guild/alliance for a "free" advantage.

      So might want to stop defending so hard people that did deserve their ban even if others did worse and are not yet banned. No one said their turn isn't coming sooner than later.

      SBI did mention they made things so this one investigation first of multiple took longer so they could streamline their internal process to get more players banned. So who knows if this was a 90-120 investigation that might now be done in 30-60 days only that will bear fruits. we don't know, but i am pretty sure they have, at SBI, a pretty decent idea of how things can turn out. There is no way that some of those rmt rumours that have been going around for 3-5 years have 0 bases for all the people they can be attached too. So if they concern 10-20 peeps, well so far to my knowledge, the ban they did were part of that list which says other names there might be doing it too. Not guaranteed but this does prove peoples suspicion on it.

      And this might not be easy for SBI either since some of those high profile players might have participated on the RT and to other restricted NDA content and so on over the years to help provide valuable feedback tainting the relationship between us the players and SBI. This might affect long term the contacts we have with them.

      So as much as i see where you are coming from, this is one of the few games i don't get why they don't have the bans show live the moment they happen in chat to give the transparency without giving a player list on the forums which would remain long term.

      And for the population morale, this would do wonders since as taken from communities where this happens (in-game ban wave or bans being visible) this makes the people playing the game know actions are being taken and that there are actual consequences for cheating, toxic behaviour, rmt and more.

      and if the argument of false-positive bans is your worry, don't since if the person gets "banned" and it is overturned that means the specific case was investigated again and the conclusion occurred that it was a collateral ban instead of being an actual target. Mistakes do happen both from humans and automated systems. Still don't cause major issues for way bigger games than Albion with literally 50-100x the population size it has.

      Last point, regarding the evidence. sadly they can't do that for obvious reasons since it would dead on give how they plan to catch cheaters/rmt'ers which would drastically hinder future effort to prevent them from starting over.

      The only thing SBI truly needs to do is make their own killbot or discord+twitch integration so they do have the usernames/profile names for those platforms linked to the Albion accounts so it is easier to track who does want on those platforms and this could help them get more proof of wrong behaviour of said players to help catch them for breaking TOS.

      (like how the fuck is there still no twitch drops for albion while games like NW had them on launch like i know one is way bigger than the other but Albion has been proven to have a community existing hence why multiple people are employed by SBI to maintain the AOTV but that is almost a different conversation to the on-going issue discussed here.)
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      Syndic wrote:

      "The leadership" (so, multiple people including him) was banned for allowing a banned player back into the guild who allegedly started an RMT operation using guild assets after being warned not to do it." There is preceding cases where "warnings" turned out to be non-existent, so I question the entire thing.

      I do view the whole "secrecy" as highly suspicious, since IMO if you can name and shame a whole guild then it should be no problem to release an overview of the evidence. I've yet to see any proof of Mojo being warned, inviting a character into the guild, and giving permissions to whatever chest to said character.

      Everything outside of that is only a sad attempt at obfuscation.
      Again, you constantly refuse to acknowledge EVERYTHING Mojo has done and keep repeating yourself over and over again. You also named shamed a bunch of people too. Syndic, who are you? Why would SBI need to show you any evidence or proof? Regardless of this recent ban wave, he still violated the TOS multiple times. Go read the TOS sometime -

      13.2 Users are forbidden to…
      • distribute content including but not limited to pictures, videos, links, names, words (including member names, character names, guild names, etc.) (i) which contain political, religious, insulting, offensive, violent, inciting or glorify violence or war, sexist, pornographic, obscene or other objectionable matters, especially including racist, right extremist or left extremist content, persons or depictions; (ii) which are suitable to cause serious moral harm to children and young people or which threaten their wellbeing; (iii) which can damage the reputation of Sandbox Interactive
      15 Term and Termination, Blocking and Disabling Access (Sanctions)

      15.5.4 Compelling reasons include for example (without limitation):

      • If the User is engaged in cheating, use of bots, financial fraud or severe abuse of bugs. The User is hereby advised that Sandbox Interactive will, without prior warning, immediately suspend all access of the User to the Game in these circumstances to protect the integrity and reputation of the Game.
      • If the User is culpably in violation of applicable law or of these Terms and Conditions, the Game Rules and/or use rules for Virtual Benefits;
      • If the User is in arrears with the payment of fees due;
      • If the User issues a payment dispute or charge-back;
      • If third parties (e.g. social network operators), through whose registration function the User gains access to his Account at Sandbox Interactive, requests Sandbox Interactive to delete the user data and/or to undertake any comparable actions or limits Sandbox Interactive' access to data.
      Almost all players are banned for spamming racist/hate speech over and over again. Mojo? 30 day mute. Seems fair, right?

      SBI didn't even have to issue a warning to BA leadership to stop. Based on their own TOS, they could have and probably should have just terminated them on the spot. SBI gave them chances to stop. SBI even let them finish the season too. Maybe you should go ask BA's leadership why they didn't stop. It is an embarrassment to your guild and alliance/coalition that you are trying to defend BA's banned players for over a month now. You are nothing more than Mojo's lap dog and one of a VERY small group of people trying to defend him.

      This hasn't aged very well either. Feel bad the AOTV team that supported these guys...

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      Voltel wrote:

      The amount of Poe in this post still attacking, undermining, and questioning SBI RMT policy is frankly disappointing. We don’t care, if you RMT you are a fuckin cheater go fuck off we all hate cheaters. RMT is fuckin cheating not to mention stealing. Please move on.
      As the devil reads the bible.

      If anything my stance is that POE and non poe should be treated equally.

      Blue army gets banned for supporting a RMT'er, while the Anti poe coalition dont, and at the same time you have albion tv openly talking about ban evasion players in the Anti poe coalition. (isnt it interesting that the whole anti poe coalition is very silent in this discussion?).

      Im very much against RMT, and im very much against harasment, and ive stopped counting the hundreds of times i have been accused by enemies for RMT - and from now on i will report every single one for harasment expecting the SBI will carry out their own Terms of Service.

      with love
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      AOTV has always been a bunch of BA fanboys. It is normal for them to bash/call out non-BA players/guilds/alliances. Which is funny considering how many interviews they have done with players that ended up getting banned for RMT. It doesn't look good for the game when the official Albion twitch channel is supporting these types of players over and over again.