need some help here

  • need some help here

    im not getting the security code email ive had a ticket open for 3 days and i still havnt heard anything from support why is it taking so long
    and yes before you ask ive check spam and trash folders everytime
  • this support is something

    ive been waiting for support to get beck to me for alomst a week now is there any better way to contact ppl at his game???????????
    like ima have to stake making tickets everyday just to get something going
  • Welcome to the forum @xinck17,

    If you've already sent a ticket, please wait for their reply. If you bump/update your ticket it's sent back to the end of queue and if you keep on bumping it everyday you'll only be delaying the support team's reply. Also, please don't create multiple tickets, it's not going to speed up your original request.

    Please take note that the forum can't be used for support-related concerns. The forum staff do not have access to your account details and information, only the support team can access that.

    You can read the forum rules here: In-game Chat Moderation & Forum Rules

    Mytherceria wrote:

    • use the forums for individual customer service issues. The forum staff cannot help you. Instead, contact our customer service here.
    Additional Don’ts
    • discuss customer support issues in the forums

    I'm now locking this thread, if you have any questions send me a DM.