We need more ınventory spaces

    • Dumuzi7 wrote:

      these are my suggestions.

      -Add more ınventory spaces

      This can work, they would just need to add a new bag that has less carry weight but more slots for items.

      -Make a new special carry bags for food/poison/ refined resources.

      This can work as well, but they would need to be very careful with it, as it can work in a way where it tones down the risk if you want to transport higher volumes of resources from one end to another, by allowing people to not use mounts such as oxes/bears for transport of the same amount as they would need before and would now be able to use boar which can still move if dismounted.

      -Bring back (at least) lethal faction in yellow zones.

      Just no. Too many newbs will die again and they will leave the game as they will percive this as an unfair deal for them. The devs changed it for a good reason and it should stay they way it is now as it keeps the faction wars going for those who like the fight but not the loss of gear.