Don't make things that don't make sense (Wargloves)

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    • - Wielding two pistol crossbows without charge (a 1h crossbow without recharge is a non-sense as well)
      - Wield a spear with a torch or with a weird nature magic root instead of a shield as most real-life armies is more viable in Albion
      - Two ancient sickles used as "daggers" (?)
      - Trident being viable in battle (more than a regular spear or pike)
      - Black Hands ALREADY exists (they're going to dissapear tho)

      War Gloves can be seen as caestus: gladiator weapons but exaggerated being Albion a fantasy world.
      In large scale battles like ZvZ is sure to look weird but... D4mn dude, in Albion many things looks weird, for example melee fighters wearing silk robes or cursed mages with leather jacket.

      Btw you wanted an example of war gloves in human history, well there you go, investigate about caestus as weapons for gladiatorss.
      War Gloves supremacy

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    • Unangwata wrote:

      Give me example of wargloves in human history.
      The fact that there is magic in game doesn't mean you have to make things that have no sense. Gloves would never be viable weapon.
      Game already have claws and gloves and it doesn't make Albion look better. You have many different options instead of adding whole new bunch of them, despite what you may think of this idea..
      You are a joke man.