Ashborne - PVE/PVP Guild looking for Members! Aims to build a community in Roads of Avalonian!

    • Ashborne - PVE/PVP Guild looking for Members! Aims to build a community in Roads of Avalonian!


      Guild name: Ashborne
      Guild Goals:
      We aim to create a community that is helpful and sociable, for people who want to do a variety of activities, from gathering to PVE or PVPWe do not want to put pressure on our members and we encourage them to all be their own "Hosts" for activities!

      With the recent announcement that "Set home" for HOs in Roads of Avalonian will not disappear when entering Realm Gates and also how HOs mechanics will be changed, I believe that it will have a very huge impact on the Roads of Avalonian!
      This is why our new guild goal will be to build up a community in the Roads of Avalonian!

      What do we mean by "Community"?
      Just like any of the huge cities in the game, we want to attempt to build a "City" in the roads where people can all come and trade/Sell/Buy things/Equipment/Materials.
      Just like how Caerleon is, we want to be a Caerleon but in the roads of Avalonian!
      I do not know how realistic this is but I believe that it has never been done before and we would like to attempt at creating something like this!

      Guild Description:
      We are an English speaking guild with players from everywhere!
      We are currently located at Bridgewatch!
      We believe in "Be who you want and do what you like", you can either be a solo player, a group player or even be a leader!
      We encourage all members to come up with their own event!

      No Mandatory CTAs but we do mass up for some guild events at least once daily!
      We have a minimum requirement of 5m fame.
      We have a HO in Roads (T5 Zone)
      Guild tax is capped at 1%

      Mainly focuses on:
      Roads of Avalonian (Chesting/Brawling/Building our community)
      Fame farming
      Small scale PVPs

      Those who are interested are able to contact me in game: Baktousai
      Or add me on discord: Baktousai#6502
      Or join our discord!
      Discord Link:

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