A little criticism to make the game better

    • 1. Blockchain technology, whilst useful in many facets, isn't beneficiary to be shoehorned into every aspect of design.

      Not everything needs to be an asset, some things CAN just be a service.

      I find it highly doubtful that the deves will implement it in this game in any meaningful way, as they already seem to have a sustainable monetization method, though the sale of Gold, Premium, and Vanity Items.

      In regards to the game being Pay to Win, I always feel that it is more Pay to Progress, spending real world money simply lets you skip the grind involved in getting fame for either combat or crafting, through the use of tomes, or purchasing resources respectively.

      There is, however, no limitation to a player that spends their time instead of their money form being equal to those who do. I am one of those players, the only thing that I spend real world money on is premium for ONE of my characters, and vanity skins. I am t8 in many forms of crafting, weapons, and all types of armor.

      I am also t8 in the ONLY thing that cannot be unlocked via Pay to Progress, and that is gathering.

      2. The game camera is working as the deves intend it to work, and functions as a "Fog of War".

      Addition of a Dota2 Style camera control system would add a separative skill mechanic, players that are able to master it would have an unfair advantage to those who cannot.

      3. The beauty of this game is that after the tutorial, what you do is entirely up to you. You craft your own missions, and create your own experiences. Once you can get you head into this mindset the game is very rewarding.

      Now to address @The_Support_God

      The_Support_God wrote:

      although if you say they abuse it to the point where they buy too much silver then one of two things would happen you would crash the ingame market or SBI would be fast enough to Ban you before you do
      If you want to spend real world capital on the game, SBI isn't going to stop you, why would they.

      Any silver you spend is put into the economy, benefiting other players, each item you purchase comes from someone who spent time creating those resources in the game.

      All silver comes from players that are placing gold buy orders (including the purchase of premium with silver), and thus the silver has already been generated in game.

      The_Support_God wrote:

      are you sure what he is saying is true?
      "After a verified purchase of any amount, a verification request can be submitted to customer service. Once this process is complete, you will have no daily limit on Gold-for-Silver trades."

      Yes what he is saying is true, given the source you provided.
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    • RenKatal wrote:

      The_Support_God wrote:

      are you sure what he is saying is true?
      "After a verified purchase of any amount, a verification request can be submitted to customer service. Once this process is complete, you will have no daily limit on Gold-for-Silver trades."
      Yes what he is saying is true, given the source you provided.
      It is also to avoid little Timmy swiping mommy's credit card to purchase obscene amounts of currency. Wait, is there any age restriction in this game?
    • 1. I can agree that it's pay to win to some extent. Although, if you buy 8.3 without grinding with it/learning it and walk into blackzone.. you'll probably feed whichever PvP player you run into.
      It's a good day when we find an 8.3 solo guy thinking they can do something in full demon armor with Galatines on. You would really need a group of players on top of your wallet and knowledge of the game to not die.
      Even then, risk of losing 8.3 set is more that the reward of killing a 6.1 team with max spec .-.
      You're not "winning" until you stop buying silver and start making a profit.

      Let's look at whales... it would take around 1100USD to max spec a tree by buying "Tome of Insight", Keep in mind this is calculated by assuming you'll buy 3000 tomes for the same price of 28k.
      That's just max spec, now you'll need gear for making a profit and maybe a few more sets, have fun :D
    • ALiPakrohk wrote:

      Hello, my name is AliI experienced your game a few times.
      I think albion onlin is really awesome, but it has some problems that I will try to help you with my critiques below:
      1 - pay to win (You can use cryptocurrency to solve this problem, something like enjin coin (enjin.io/solutions/industry/games) , this system changes the game to Play-to-Earn and solves the problem, it will also increase your income. )

      [b]Let me stop you right here, so let us know what unfair advantage is the person who uses gold getting? Does he get a stat boost or maybe a legendary sword that cannot be dropped on death and is stronger than the rest? No? Well then I have bad news for you, that is not pay to win, it is pay to progress and since in this game the only place where that gold might matter is the quality of the gear you can bring it will not help you much. It can be pay to progress, as long as there is someone selling books, if there is no one selling books on the market (have yet to see happen, but hypothetically speaking), well tough luck you have all of the shinies on the planet but cant progress with them. Gear is as useful as the person who wears it and in the case of what you are trying to convince us of it simply is not the case, since by most definitions it is when a player may pay their way to gain an unfair advantage over other players and this is next to impossible unless you face a broke newb that has not figured out which end of the pointy stick goes where.[/b]

      2 - The game camera system needs to be improved (you can get ideas from dota 2, in dota 2 the camera is freer and easier to control.)

      The camera is not like dota/lol/SC/WC3/(insert any MOBA/Strategy game out there) as it is designed to limit vision, thus creating a sort of fog of war. Yes, there are ways to getting a wider view, but oh well, that can still be fixed. Without that there would be a lot more things to consider, such as how to distribute fog of war, how and why you gain additional vision, WHY THE HELL IS THERE A NAKED DANCING IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!?!? Jokes aside, it would change the game as we know it and make it something, not Albion Online, something else that quite frankly don't fit this game, because from what I know it is made to simulate what YOU see, not what your teammates see, not what your alliances sees, not what that naked on a horse on the other side of the map sees, only what your character can see, that is what thee camera represents. Quite frankly is quite annoying how much people want to change one of the core FEATURES of this game.

      3 - Missions in the game are limited to the beginning of the game and then the user is lost in the game, you must be more careful in designing the seasons and stages of the game in the next eternity and add a story line to the game.

      As for the missions, well it's a sandbox game. Would it be nice to have some more? Sure. Does it break the game if there are not any? Not really, at least not for me.
      On another note, I would love to see missions added to the game if nothing else some lore mission that introduces people into SBIs version of the Arthurian lore, as this more or less is the lands of King Arthur, but there is a distinct lack of story behind it. You can piece some of it together in the RoA trailers, but that is more or less it when it comes to lore, which is kinda sad for this game as it has so much potential in that regard

      Thank you for your attention and hope for success.

      I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors and if I sound harsh, but there has been so much said already in terms of P2W about this game, and too many times people tried to change the camera and how it works, just because a MOBA has it and since this game looks like a MOBA it has to have it as well.