Auto learn

    • I'll give an example, warbow crafting specialist node, I want to go from level 30 to 31 using my LP.
      First thing, for that node(warbow craft specialist) I check the "auto learn" box and then at the top of how my LPs are I check the "enable auto learn" box (I don't know the exact name right now).
      I will get 20% of level 31 and then my level 31 will automatically pop up and subtract my LP.
      It is necessary to have the automatic use of LP enabled and also the node I want to use LP on must have active autolearn, and so I need to get at least 20% fame from the node I want to use LP on.
      But for some things LP can't be used (like cooking, harvesting...)
    • Steinel wrote:


      Does "Auto Learn" even work? I've tried it with different kind of items and it seems like it never puts LP into them automatically...

      UsernameTaken wrote:

      I could never get it to work right either...... Thousands of learning points, but when clicked on, it never applies them when I hit the learning point.

      You need to to tick the specific node that you want to auto-learn as well as the general auto-learn feature in the top-right of the destiny board. If this one isn't ticked it will never use auto-learn on any skills.