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    • New player Guild problem

      U spawn as a new player , u dont speak english / or u do, what happens :

      1 - U get invited every 10 seconds to Potato farming guild with 100% ( new players dont even know what guild is does or how to find tax % or that u can mute all invites in settings )

      resolution : When inviting new players show tax% in red (just like duels)

      2 - U search on google for guild you like , but u dont know how to contact the Guild leader ( new players dont know how to Inspect / Stats / Whisper ) nor can you aply becose u cant search names in G

      resolution : add SEARCH option in G

      Id love a reply or feedback
    • I don't understand why this isn't a feature yet. It should be. I've spent time looking for specific guilds on every criteria they offer and still couldn't find it. It seems like every guild isn't listed on guild tab. It's bizarre.

      The only counter I have is most guilds will not accept in-game applications. They want you to go to their discord and do an interview like it's your job. I suppose that makes sense. Some guilds feel like 2nd jobs in this game lol.

      This game is unique in some ways. Most people don't use Forums, they use Redditt. Discord is also main application for communication. I suppose that is an indication how clunky the in game features they offer are.

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