About the look of weapons (colors) and armor (skins).

    • About the look of weapons (colors) and armor (skins).

      Hi, I created this thread to debate and give some opinions/suggestions about weapons colors through power boosting and also about visual effects that skins don't have when casting abilities.

      A) - About the colors of the weapons:Albion has a random color scheme for each weapon category. Except for some spectral weapons (Trinity Spear, Galatine Pair, Deathgivers and Cryptcandle) which have a characteristic green color, all other weapons are colored by their weapon category. In my opinion, these colors could be better used, as they currently do not have much meaning.So I thought of two different layouts that might be interesting for players:

      - Nº1 - The colors are based on the city the player is in:

      Martlock - Blue
      Lymhurst - Green
      Caerleon - Red
      Thetford - Purple
      Fort Sterling - Yellow
      Create a new Orange color for Bridgewatch

      * Notes:
      - Players without faction would not have their colored weapons. Enchanting would only give stat boosts or maybe a new basic effect.
      - It could also be included an option in the creation of clans to define a pre-defined color of the weapons of the members of the clan.

      - Nº2 - Colors are defined by weapon level:

      Level 3 - Green
      Level 4 - Blue
      Level 5 - Red
      Level 6 - Orange
      Level 7 - Yellow
      Level 8 - White

      B) - About skins:

      This, in fact, is a simple suggestion for the skin not to be hidden when using a skill with cast time. This goes for helmets, armor and shoes. On gear where abilities have instantaneous release, skins remain unchanged. Already equipment with release time or continuous release the skin is hidden. My suggestion is not to completely hide the original equipment, but to put an option for the player to choose whether or not the equipment is hidden when casting the skill.

      ^^ Leave your comment about these suggestions and if you would change anything ous and think they are not necessary. Thanks!

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