[The Grand Auction] Extremely rare recruiter's​ skins at auction now! Don't miss your chance!

    • [The Grand Auction] Extremely rare recruiter's​ skins at auction now! Don't miss your chance!

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      This thread is divided into two parts:

      1) "The Continuous Auction" and 2) "The Grand Auction"

      1) The Continuous Auction

      I do NOT have a fixed schedule for updating the ask prices, but you can assume I will do it every few days.

      I have decided to sell these items below in a dutch auction style.

      This means that in certain increments the asking-price will drop until the item is sold.

      All items are located in Caerleon, including the items of the Grand Auction!

      next price reduction: every 1-3 days
      • Recruiter's Grey Wolf - 785m
      • Recruiter's Bighorn Ram - 395m
      • Recruiter's Crate - 235m
      • Recruiter's Chest - 44m
      • Recruiter's Barrel-crate - 33m
      • Recruiter's Storage-Barrel - 46m
      • Recruiter's Wooden Chest - 40m
      • Recruiter's Companion Crate - 43m
      • Recruiter's Merlyn Cube - 42m

      2) The Grand Auction

      The Grand Auction is live and bids are now accepted!
      Please read the rules below how to make a valid bid!

      Item currently for auction:

      Swiftclaw Skin: Occult Cougar
      • starting price: 600m
      • current bid price: 460m Silver
      • bid-step level: 5.000.000. Silver (5m)
      • location: Caerleon
      • once this auction is finished, the auction for the "Jousting Horse & Recruiter's Guild Banner" will start
      • the winner of this auction will be elegible for a 5% discount on any future auctions
      • only valid bids are accepted (read below for the rules)
      • All items that will be auctioned this time (see picture below) :

      The following skins below will be auctioned in a dutch auction style format with additional rules (see explanation below).

      The following packages will be up for auction in the following order:
      1. Direboar Skin: White Direboar (sold for 45m to @dRofHawke)
      2. Stag Skin: Alpaca (sold for 152.5m to @dRofHawke)
      3. Swiftclaw Skin: Steelplate Cougar (sold for 92.5m to @dRofHawke)
      4. Armored Horse Skin: Armored Bonehorse (sold for 110m to @ErosObrio )
      5. Swiftclaw Skin: Occult Cougar (current auction)
      6. Riding Horse Skin: Jousting Horse & Recruiter's Guild Banner (auction will start after the Occult Cougar is sold)
      7. Direwolf Skin: Sheepdog & Recruiter's Storage-Barrel (auction will start after the Jousting Horse & Recruiter's Guild Banner package is sold)
      8. Recruiter's Giant Frog & Wardrobe Skin: Recruiter's Ale Mug (auction will start after the Sheepdog & Recruiter's Storage-Barrel package is sold)
      9. Swamp Dragon Skin: Recruiter's Sand Salamander & Recruiter's Sarcophagus Chest (auction will start after the Giant Frog & Recruiter's Ale Mug package is sold)
      10. Swiftclaw Skin: Recruiter's White Tiger & Recruiter's Merlyn Cube (auction will start after the Recruiter's Sand Salamander & Recruiter's Sarcophagus Chest package is sold)
      Please read the rules of the auction below:
      • There is one skin or package for auction at The Grand Auction at a time.
      • Items that will be auctioned at a later time are not open to any bids outside of the order listed above.
      • Early bids will not be accepted.
      • All sales will be published in this thread once they are final.
      • A winner of any of the previous items of this auction (The Grand Auction) will recieve a 5% discount on any other item of this auction (discount applied only once).
        • Example: If you win the Alpaca auction, a 5% discount applies if you win the Sheepdog auction on the final sales-price.
      • Further rules can be added later and changes to the auction are possible if exploitive behavior is detected.
      • Make sure to bookmark this thread to be notified about bids and updates!
      • In order to make a bid on a skin, you must post a screenshot of a character you control with enough Silver to cover the bid-price into this thread.
      • The character name and the Silver amount must be visible!
      • Please put the bid amount you are confirming into the answer as well.

      • There is a sniper-rule in place:
        • Once someone makes a valid bid a 24 hour sniping-protection period will start.
          • The sniping-protection period begins at the timestamp of the first valid bid.
        • During the sniping-protection period other participants can outbid the current bid, if they post a valid bid (screenshot) into this thread.
        • If during the sniping protection period multiple valid bids are posted, the item auction price will increase one step up to the previous price.
        • At the end of the sniping protection period (timestamp of first valid bid + 24hours), the new (higher) auction price will be in effect and only participants who made a valid bid during the sniping-protection period (first screenshot timestamp + 24h) are allowed to confirm their (higher) bid on subsequent new (higher) prices.
        • The participants who matched the offer during the sniping period can now bid on the higher price levels and the process will repeat until no more bids are confirmed and the higest bid will win.
        • The exclusive bid timeframe for making a higher bid against an offer at the new higher price level is 24 hours after the timestamp of the new bid at the new higher price level.
        • If no further, higher bids are made within 24h of the last bid timestamp the auction will conclude.
        • All current bids, offers and deadlines will be posted in this thread and will be updated by me as good as I can, but the time-stamps of forum posts matter.
        • If this is confusing, look at the example below.
      • Example of the sniper-rule in action:
        • Let's say the price of an item ticks down over a few days and arrives at 500m Silver.
          • The noted price-steps are set to 5m per bid.
        • Player A decides this is a reasonable price for him and he posts a valid bid as a response to this thread.
        • The time of the post is 14:35. The sniper-rule is now in effect until 14:35 the following day (24 hours).
        • If anyone else posts another valid bid into the thread within 24 hours, matching the bid of Player A, an individual auction will start where only the people who posted a valid bid within 24 hours of the first valid bid can make further bids on the item.
        • Let's assume Player B and Player C also post a valid bid within 24 hours from Player A's post, matching the 500m Silver bid with a screenshot.
        • At 14.35 + 24 hours (one day after the first valid bid is made) the new auction price is set to 505m Silver.
        • Only Players A, B and C (nobody else) can now make a bid on the new auction price for 24h.
        • Lets assume Player A now confirms the the bid for 505m within 24h of the first valid bid (14:35 + 24h) at 16:30.
        • The price is now 505m and others can outbid this price within 24h from this bid (16:30 + 24h)
        • Player B makes a bid for 510m at 18:25. The other participants can chose to outbid this bid within 24h from the last confirmed bid.
        • Nobody outbids this bid at the auction concludes 24 hours after the 510m bid was made at 18:25.
      • Example of a valid bid:
      • (you confirm the price in the message, your character name is visible, the character has enough silver (or gold) to cover the purchase price)
      • "I confirm my bid for the Direboar Skin at 50m."

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    • Please boys, theres no bottom price listed. Let it run its course and do not over pay because someone on discord offered some crazy amount. I'm sure he's just trying to find out the lower range (buyers price) of each item as we've only been exposed to the higher rage (sellers price). For all we know he's sitting on a lot of these items and is having liquidity problems.
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      No point, if its worth nothing in the end. Please lobby for more content production. More variations in npc, customization, etc.
      this requires a canned community manager response! , letsgo:

      "I think you will be surprised what the next major content update has in store!"

      "I think a lot of the things you mentioned will be included in that. You can learn more about what that includes specifically here and here."

      but yeah :thumbup: