Can we get back our forced fights in CD?

    • Corrupted Dungeons

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    • Can we get back our forced fights in CD?

      I don't get it, why did you change the way shrine work in corrupted? It's ridiculous.

      There was a great way to make sure that when you entered into corrupted you didn't waste your time running after people in full escape mobility gear smashing crystals at the speed of light, and then you just said, nah, all these streamers, pvp players and such that use this, that's not cool, let's force more pve down their throat.

      Since the dawn of corrupted its biggest flaw was that the pve incentives was so big it completely dwarfed solo dungeon and made a large portion of the pve player base go into CD over Green Solo dungeon, and us pvp players have had to pay the price for this by having to run after them,

      So why remove the way that the community used to combat this by making sure pvp players faced, other pvp players, I just don't get that.
    • Not sure what happened the past couple weeks but shard ratting has spiked exponentially. I hate when I invade now instead of being invaded because I know by invading I have to chase around some kid in built to run build. Icing on the cake is for some ridiculous reason we do not get the option to invade again immediately so we need to waste time PvEing in order to get another shot.
    • Quagga wrote:

      I disagree, you want to go back to the GDSL playstyle, a perfectly prepared biome with a boss in the middle and holding you as hostage.
      GDSL ???

      Also, no? I love how you just auto assume I used it to make a trap when I just cleared it normally until I had enough points and then hit the shrine so I knew I would get a fight and not just some bloody rat that run's away the second the screen flickers red when he's invaded.
    • now these corrupt dungeons are running around gameplay, not pvp, its not PVP. You can even include music from the Benny Hill show in the background, it is very suitable for what is happening.

      It is necessary that during the invasion, everyone is transferred to a small round arena, one and a half screens in size. And no running along the tracks of ants
    • ziigii wrote:

      Well I hated that in the old system there would allways be a bow of badon waiting in a half cleared dungeon and gl catching that shit when it allways had space to kite away. I'd rather chase rats than that abomination.

      Otherwise I didn't mind it much.

      Much more fun to be forced to invade and getting teleported into the midst of a bunch of mobs as cloth

      Don't get me started about how it's abysmal that cloth still take an absurd amount of damage from mobs contra leather/plate
    • Fights in CD looks like training of ratting skill. When i watch "Gosu" players and how they "reseting" fight 2-3-4..... times. For me is better to brake cristals. And not loosing time for running after "skilled" player who "reset" fught. And when my ass is on fire i make mistake and "skilled" player kill me..

      If u wanna fight, and like it very much - so go in the middle and fight. If u make mistake - than die. But when some1 make mistakes, and after than reseting fights couple of time - its shit.. But ye. Its true skilled pvp gods of albion..=))