Let me rob players instead of killing them

    • Let me rob players instead of killing them

      Some mmo players think full loot mmos are savage and abusive, but this reputation isn’t destiny. Part of this reputation is due to the failure of the developers to allow more nuanced interactions between players. When you cross paths with another player in a lethal zone, you’re only options are to let them go or murder them. Allowing players to rob instead of murder will make Albion a richer more immersive world.

      How would this work? When you “kill” someone they become downed instead of dead. A bleed out timer starts and when it finishes the player will really die. If a player with the killing blow or assist interacts with the downed player they can stop the bleed out by starting a robbery (or perform a gank if they want). The robber can take whatever they want from the victim’s equipment or inventory. The robber only has a limited time to take things, after which the downed player stands up with partial health and an invuln shield.

      Some important points:
      1. Players downed by other players in lethal zones bleed out instead of reviving like in non-lethal zones.
      2. Something has to be done to prevent robbery from circumventing the item trash mechanics. I suggest that every item that is taken be subjected to the same trash roll as if the player had died. I know people hate the trash mechanic but it’s an essential item sink.

      Why is this a good idea?
      1. We can rob newbs riding donkeys instead of killing them to check for rare items
      2. It is cool and good to be able to role play a Robin Hood esque bandit instead of just being a murderer
      3. Some gankers might be in a benevolent mood, but in the current system they have to choose between taking everything you carry or nothing. No ganking group is going to pass up the chance to loot your good items, but maybe they don’t care about your bad items.
      4. While the victim is downed there is an opportunity for a very fulfilling social interaction to occur. Many friends I’ve made in this type of game have come from “chatting” in whispers after a fight. Maybe the person who robs you will give you advice on your build or invite you to a party, but in the current system they just kill you and loot your corpse while totally forgetting about the human behind the keyboard.
    • Good idea. But the thing is PVPer who is hunting lethal zones isn't really gentle person already because of the purpose he has it already makes him nasty and I doubt they will rob players. Maybe out of boredom. But it's good try.

      It could leave the victim with the gear the robber doesn't need that would only take his inventory.
      But I doubt PVP players will care about that..
    • So they will be downed, lose their stuff and have to walk the whole way back naked and on foot (because you robbed the mount) just to be downed by every other person on the way home that just also wanted to check if there is something to "rob" left.

      Awesome idea, especially for new players....
    • Haha Shoop I was going to say that as well. Many of the PvPers I know and have ecountered would take the boots/horse on purpose just to fuck with the player they killed in your above rob scenario. This leaves the downed player with the choice of slow walking somewhere risking death again or just suicide with what's left on him if anything.
    • yeah I also heavily disagree.
      Although the current system has mant flaws, it works. Robbing seems off, you already killed the guy doesn't make sense to "rob".
      Also could break the trash mechanic that is there to help with item inflation prices and punish multiple ppl ganking a single guy.