• Crossbow FIRST QSPELL

      Hello SBI and everyone, can we talk about the 13M RANGE (13 not 41564564351, 13) QSPELL let's see the PHOTO
      I think this is kinda busted, i was just running, he was not in a boots sprint, and he just pressed Q, but i really think there is a mistacke in the description of the spell, it's not 13m, its more like 16/20m

      For the photo on the right we see a red screen (the corrupted dungeon) and a clear screen (where I took a fire stick with the E which measures 13m)I have superimposed the two by roughly redrawing the range of 13m.We can clearly see that the crossbow casts its E much further than 13 meters.

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    • The thing is, he just started to land his spell on the picture buddy.
      I cant screen it perfectly at the second he press the spell i mean look he JUST pressed the Q there. It's just dont look like, it is not 13m range.
    • Amoebius76 wrote:

      Hey there,

      the 13m range is for activating the skill. They can't move during the channel and you've been running away from them, so it looks like they got to activate the skill just before you left their range.
      Here i took a vidéo of it (if i am allowed to) and you will see, he was FAR to be 13m range...