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      If a chest is set on island, make it possible to put a selling price on it.
      When bought, the chest and the content are transferred to a new temp bank tab in the bank of the city.
      Will it be tax free or not is up to SBI.


      It should be added to help:
      1. Selling bulk items
      2. Ganking loot.
      3. Selling kits for CTA

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    • I think that the most important part of this idea is that the game has outgrown the very restrictive trade window. Players need ways to transfer items between each other, off market, that don't involve forcing one party to trust the other party not to rip them off.

      8 items per transaction is just too few and too slow, for the scale that the games economy and game play has reached.
      Demon Lord - UwU
    • liriose wrote:

      But 8 items is convenient for the eyes in the trade window.for simple exchanges.
      Tricks can happen if you make the trade list expandable.

      Large exchanges should not be made at the bank or in open world.
      Sure, and if you don't want to use the feature, you don't have to. Because you don't want something doesn't mean everyone else shouldn't get it.
      Demon Lord - UwU