Fps Crashed when Opening the game/5000 Fps

    • Fps Crashed when Opening the game/5000 Fps

      • When opening albion the computer freezes because apparently it has no FPS limits at the start of the game 0% to 100% marks about 5000 frames and frizzes and has given me errors in the graph. Because of this I hope it is possible to put a limiter of no more than 1000 fps at game startup 0%-100% (loading bar). I can enter the game and everything but every day I have to open it is a mess. If you need some details or require something else you can contact me at the email of the profile.
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    • @Dagother Already send u PM

      Another thing, do you know of any conversation in the forum about the fps drop when someone enters the map, when you are approached by a new player in the map and when there are many people in your range. My computer is good enough to run smoothly in mass warfare but for some reason there is a fps drop from 200 to 0/20/60. It feels like that uncomfortable spike that doesn't let me enjoy 100% of the massive wars.

      I need a huge help with that