Faction Upkeep Bugged.... ish

    • Faction Upkeep Bugged.... ish

      So that weekly upkeep we get, if you don't log on, you don't take the upkeep. I know this because there is one person in Martlock who hasn't lost upkeep in two weeks because he quit the game (yes I watch the rankings of the top people in my faction). This person is at 6.7 million Faction Standing, but quit and hasn't taken an upkeep and therefore hasn't lost points (he would lose them immediately after logging on though if he returned). Why is this a problem? Faction Rankings. Right now I am top of Martlock with the max 7.5 million (currently the highest you can go). Since the first person to get there keeps the top spot, even if someone else ties them, I can simply quit the game and forever be #1. I won't be doing that of course, but someone could. Might as well fix it now before someone does this?

      Here's a quick breakdown:

      Max Faction Standing = 7,500,000
      First person to get there is top person for that week, until upkeep day.
      Upkeep happens Monday 0:00 UTC and everyone above 1.6 million standing takes a loss of Faction Standing, 5% of anything over that 1.6 million mark.
      There is also a bonus given, depending on what you did for that week, and it could offset a good amount of the upkeep if you worked hard for your faction.
      The top people in the faction compete to get back to 7,500,000 first to be #1 for the week.
      You must log in to take the upkeep, or the upkeep doesn't happen.
      If someone decided to quit the game, they can rank themselves up to that top spot and then quit and be #1 until this is fixed.

      Solution: Faction Standing drops automatically for everyone logged in or not logged in at 0:00 UTC Monday or those who didn't log in take the upkeep at server down.
    • I see the "under investigation" tag on here. Thank you for that. I figured I would give you something to help with the investigation at hand. Below is a screenshot of Martlock's top players. I circled FeralNeckBeard who quit the game a couple weeks ago and has been at 6.7 million since. You can use him as an example. BTW, nothing against him, he is a good dude, just using him to show the mechanic is flawed. I don't think he would mind. ^^

    • Hey there,

      I've been keeping an eye on their Faction Standing, and they're at 6.2m now.

      I'm just wondering where you are actually, since you're at 7.5m for last week, but you're not in the All-Time ranking anymore. Did you change factions? Will eventually have to check how the ranking works again in detail.

    • Hey, so looking at the rankings you posted. Douch didn't drop yet because he hasn't logged on yet to take his upkeep. He would have dropped to 7.3 just like Jeric did. This is actually further proof of the bug. If you check in a few hours you will see Douch drop also but not until he pops on.