Living on the Royal Continent

    • Living on the Royal Continent

      This may be a bit weird, but I enjoy playing in Royals a lot more since coming back. Red zone dungeons are decent, as is solo faction transport. If I want ZvZ I can flag up or wait for bandits.
      When I tried to find a guild it seems I ran into a few types:
      1. Smaller guilds that claim to do content, but are mostly dead, or just a glorified LFG channel. Sometimes they already have established cliques and it's just not worth it to try and break in.
      2. Alliance guilds that pretty much CtA and flatline. It's cool that they give me gear and all, but it's not much content. I find it hard to "care" about the BZ.
      3. Mist guilds where everyone already has high IP so I was just "left out."
      A lot of guilds are keen to advertise, but fail to deliver in my experience.
      So my endgame goals have shifted slightly. I'm farming royals right now. I like my Red Zone an192.168.0.1 routerlogin 192.168.l.l

      d factions. I'd really like to try and make it in Caerleon, but that seems like a trap. Sounds cool on paper, but if I had to guess the faction is just #$&?ed.
      So my top options seem to be roads and faction grinding. If I enjoy the red zones right now, what are some of my options moving forward? Any tips for finding a "decent" guild that does more than exist?
      I'm also still trying to figure out roads and if I'm strong enough to go in there and not get immediately turbo murdered.

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    • There's a number of guilds who are dedicated for royal/guerilla BZ content. Discord tends to be the best place to find them. Use keyword searches, e.g. "In:guild-recruitment bridgewatch" for best results. You can sometimes find good stuff on the recruitment forum as well.

      Dead guilds are everywhere, but once you have a shortlist of guilds you're interested in, you can check their killboard to make sure they're actually active: