Prime Time [Level System] : An Alternative To Elite Level (Future Level 120)

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    • Prime Time [Level System] : An Alternative To Elite Level (Future Level 120)

      I've watched the latest dev talk roadmap and have read the thread "Future Level 120 is silly" Future level 120 is silly. - Feedback & Suggestions - Albion Online Forum. And I'm quite agreeing with them that just extending the skill cap will bring very little improvement to the game or not at all. But we could be wrong, or I could be wrong or SBI has things in mind that haven't told us yet, who knows.

      So I've thought of an alternative system while I'm doing laundry called Prime Time [Level System]

      What is Prime Time [Level System]?
      • In our real world, every player or professionals in any combat/fighting sports has their own prime times, wherein that very moment, they're at their BEST. And that's basically what this Prime Time Level System is but in Albion Online.

      How Prime Time (Level System) works?
      • First, similar to the SBI's current proposed idea of extending the level cap, we'll add an additional 100 levels that will be called Prime Levels. (this prime levels can be unlocked after reaching 100 specs)
      • Second, the difference will be this Prime Level can be maxed out to 100 and the player will gain an extra IP for let's say 100. BUT once this combat node stops receiving fame, the node Prime Level degrades over time. (Just like in the real world, when there's no training, fighter gets weaker)

      Rough Example Numbers of the Prime Time (you can change it to whatever you want and want it to be balanced, what's IMPORTANT is the IDEA):
      • There will be an additional 100 Prime Levels. Prime Levels can only be unlocked after the player reaches 100 specs to a specific node. (specs will stay the same, it will be like their foundation, like in real combat)
      • 100 Prime Level = needs 10,000,000 fame or 1 Prime Level = needs 100,000 fame
      • 100 Prime Level = adds +100 IP or 1 Prime Level = adds +1 IP
      • 100 Prime Level = will degrade in 100 hours or 1 Prime Level = will degrade in 1 hour

      • With this update, there will still be a new extension of levels BUT it will be impossible for a SINGLE PLAYER to be "Jack of all trades and a master of all".
      • But it will be “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.

      What do you think? Do you think this idea is silly too? or do you think this idea has some potential? Let us know your thoughts


      P.S. New system update coming soon to the thread Player Made Mercenary/Bounty Mission System - Feedback & Suggestions - Albion Online Forum.
      Check it out if you're interested and share your thoughts if you have some

      Can't wait to see someone saying CTA RESET, be at your character role PRIME TIME

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    • Also, I forgot about Robin Henkys from roadmap update also said "We'll also be showing your mastery to other players when they're inspecting you, showing off all the effort that you spend mastering your abilities".

      I had an idea but probably not a good idea.

      If the player is in its Prime Time, it could show off some visual effects or visual differences in different degrees like shining armor, or an additional aura, or a different player size.

      Just to show off you're at Prime Time.

      Though it could also be done by inspecting, then I think whichever will work, will work.

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