Could it be that this game just entirely hates me?

    • Could it be that this game just entirely hates me?

      The last months when i played albion every time i went to slayer i instantly encountered rats or hard counters that i just cant kill. Its just soo stupid. Would it be possible that theyd make fair matchmaking in albion online CDs
    • Ok, I know this may sound crazy, I know chances that this is actually a feature are very low, but it does happen to me that the game knows exactly what opponents to throw at me sometimes. Like, I never encounter old-school hellion-black hands unless I’m playing 1H with 0 defensives. I encounter Claymores more often when I’m playing Fire Staff, etc. it’s like the game knows what builds win against which and either you are thrown against builds you have an advantage over or builds that can easily wreck whenever you or your opponent are in a high winning/losing streak. It does look like that sometimes, it’s not just you :)
      Staff of Balance is not dead! Royal March was* :)