resource dungeons?

    • resource dungeons?

      what happened to the idea? it was in the roadmap a while ago.
      would be very cool to have random dungeon like resource hotspots where you can team up with gatherers and fight over resources in small groups.
      this could be something that the game needs at exactly this moment, since normal rd are nerfed to the ground and just useless....
    • This was just another lie/fake plan or false promise from the SBI (not the first or last).
      A lot of people will tell you, roads of avalon, but that's just not to say..
      I was looking forward to these dungeons too, I was disappointed too, like many times..
      Everything is piling up and for me "end with AO" came to mind, I'm not decided yet but I'm hesitant to continue..
      I don't feel the need to look forward to something and then the promise or plan disappears without a word into oblivion.