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      I have realised I posted this in the wrong thread (general questions and discussions) before, and so I am not sure if the development team has been able to read it. This is the sole reason I am reposting it in the right forum (overpowered/underpowered items):

      Arcane has some great abilities that help for group and solo activities, but also excel at ZvZ however some of the abilities in arcane are currently unusable or not too good. I will be talking about the easier changes first and then move into some of the harder changes as I go down into the list.

      Energy Beam should be reworked into Energy Piercer - a pierce attack which causes enemies to use 2x energy for 6 seconds and allies to use 0.5x energy for 6 seconds.

      Mimics Copied abilities: Hunter weapons should all stay the same, Axe - Battle Rush, Mace - Guard Rune, Fire Staff - Fire Ball or Ignite, Holy Staff - Holy Blessing, Frost Staff - Frost Bomb, Cursed Staff - Desecrate

      If these abilities seem overpowered consider that at its current state arcanes best option is to copy itself


      Energy Beam - In terms of supporting allies and giving them energy this ability has now lost most of its use with the buff to druid cowl and also royal armour can generate energy, this means that in most scenarios energy beam to support allies is now useless - but lets consider using it against enemies. The energy drain is very poor, and steals almost no energy considering enemies will have energy regeneration + royal armour, in 5v5 comps. While using this ability you will be stuck in a 6 second channel, a time you could have spent using the Q's of arcane which all have cooldowns of 5 seconds or lower. If we want to purely improve the ability then you could simply make it drain more in a shorter time, but as the development team stated themselves: "While energy management should be an important part of the game, fights with energy-draining comps are not very fun for the receiving end." This shows that energy beam is first of all useless, and second of all it can't even be buffed. Instead of a buff as described earlier I suggest reworking energy beam into a pierce attack (like armour piercer) which causes enemies to use 2x more energy for 6 seconds and allies to use 0.5x energy for 6 seconds, or something similar to this as this would solve most issues we have with energy beam, it would also allow it to be used more in pvp and would cause fights to be more dynamic with their energy management. The name could either stay the same or be called "Energy Piercer" and would stick with the same icon.

      Mimic - I will put a love face ( ) next to the ones I like, A ( ) on ones I find hard to decide, and a frown ( ) on ones I dislike. This ability is good in theory but the skills that arcane copies from others have to be equal or better than the one they copy from themselves (Magic Shock) to actually promote group fighting and teamwork instead of just [alt+w]. Not only that but they should also be better to copy from an ally so you can go in already knowing what you can copy instead of just praying you will run into a sword user etc. I will go through every ability I believe in my opinion that Mimic should take from a different weapon, of course this would be a huge change to arcane pvp so I would understand if this request was turned down, however, Mimic should not just be used as a spare caerleon cape - and I don't want to feel like I've made a mistake whenever I copy someone that isn't myself.

      Starting with the Hunter Weapons, these were actually done correctly and I will give examples of why I think each one was already the right choice;
      Hunter Weapons:

      Bow - Ray of Light: This is a long range, AoE root which can be very versatile and unexpected especially when coming from an arcane mage, not only that but it is also similar to magic shock in its execution meaning that it really feels like it fits in with the rest of arcane's moveset.

      Spear - Deflecting Spin: A defensive skill which can be copied when being focused by the enemy melee spears, not only that but it also has the ability to reflect damage and restore energy - energy fitting in well with arcane.

      Nature Staff - Protection of Nature: Every other ability that could be copied gives healing sickness, simple as that really.

      Dagger - Chain Slash: While chain slash is not a the best ability for arcane staff there is no better w, in my opinion, for arcane to copy from daggers.

      Quarterstaff - Forceful Swing: A knockback with 2 nasty debuffs, allows arcane to keep at range while debuffing anyone who gets close.

      Now we start to get onto some of the Warrior Weapons, which were chosen half good and half bad;
      Warrior Weapons:

      Sword - Splitting Slash: A skillshot line that roots enemies, good stuff and definitely useful in different forms of combat, more aggressive than Parry Strike.

      Axe - Raging Blades: The ability itself doesnt deal more damage than magic shock, or increase damage enough that another magic shock would be useful but then again there aren't many abilities in the axe tree that would suit arcane well. The one that I would like to see it changed to is Battle Rush, simply because it debuffs enemies and buffs allies. The only other option I can see for axes is Adrenaline Boost for the extra speed and damage however it would be hard to keep Adrenaline Boost sustained unless using energy bolt.

      Mace - Snare Charge: The worst root so far only for the reason that it brings you into close range to use it, in addition to this if you're copying from an allied mace the ally will likely already have snare charge equipped along with a build that revolves around CC duration, so you will simply end up as a much worse version of them. The only positive to snare charge is running away and motivating cleanse is better for that. Guard Rune is a clear support ability that increases damage resistances and healing received for all allies. As arcane is a support class this one makes the most sense.

      Hammer - Inertia Ring: I am more than happy to have more than one inertia ring user in ZvZ and arcane being able to use it is amazing. A large AoE debuff definitely fits with the support role of arcane

      Crossbow - Noise Eraser: Knockback Shot is clearly a better ability for arcane but with its short cooldown and long duration it could become too powerful, noise eraser is fine as a surprise for now.

      That now covers all of the Warrior Weapons, now onto the one most in need of fixing: Mage Weapons;
      Mage Weapons:

      Fire Staff - Wall of Flames: This ability shares a problem with maces, if you are planning to copy if from an ally they likely already have it, and if you copy it from an enemy in a 1v1 then there isnt much point as you would be using wall of flames against a ranged player. Ignite would work as it would give players a reason to take Mimic with Energy Bolt instead of just frazzle constantly or Fire Ball could work as it deals good damage, with larger range, AoE, and cooldown than magic shock. It's not always a bad thing to copy a damaging ability, especially for Mage Weapons

      Holy Staff - Holy Orb: This ability gives healing sickness, and since you cant even target yourself with it without bringing some kind of teleport it is even useless in 1v1's. Holy Blessing or Reawaken should have been taken as they are the only w abilities which do not trigger healing sickness, Probably leaning towards Holy Blessing as it is a buff, but reawaken would be quite useful for pve.

      Arcane Staffs - Magic Shock: It's already an arcane skill, so of course it fits with arcane.

      Frost Staffs - Frost Nova: Once again we have another good ability for running away, but this has quite a long cooldown, and you also have to spend the time to copy it off an ally or an enemy while running away, or copy before and waste a w slot. Frost Bomb should be taken for the extra damage and possible combos with some of the arcane E's. Possibly even Frost Beam, but more likely Frost Bomb.

      Cursed Staffs - Armor Piercer: Armor Piercer is a supportive debuffing ability however it doesn't fit well with a lot of the abilities, possibly I would take this with energy bolt however since energy bolt is single target I would be more likely to use frazzle. Desecrate could be used as another long range root with extra damage, which is always good. Other then that Grudge might be plausible, it increases ally damage, and also may be used in combo with occult staff for some good damage.

      Thank you for reading all the way through, I hope you will consider my proposal, at least to reworking Energy Beam
    • I think all the mimic suggestions are great except:
      Sword - Parry Strike would be really nice in 1v1s and ZvZ, as there is no real reason to take it over magic shock
      Crossbow - Sunder Shot would be a great option in 5v5s and other small scale content
      Fire Staff - keep Fire Wall, is super useful in almost all group content, especially ZvZ
      Frost Staff - keep Frost Nova, its an instant defensive in group content, and most of the other Ws are pretty bad

      I love your Energy beam fix (I'd love to try dps arcane with it), but it seems like SBI doesn't really like energy draining mechanics (eg. royal armor drain getting removed) so that whole playstyle might have to be reworked
    • Just make all the energy drain skills base off of the opponents current mana pool amount and not fixed values influenced by IP (i.e: Drains 5% of the opponents current mana pool on hit/per second/w.e).
      With some further number tweaking this would allow for mana regen to catch up with the drain at a certain mana pool level, essentially just reducing the effective mana pool (somewhat similar to the old realmbreaker manacost increase in terms of outcomes) and not draining someone dry.
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    • All good suggestions. Mimic has some oddities and lackluster options, but I wonder if we're simply looking at it the wrong way.

      We like Mimic because it can double the Shock, but Shock is a Q-type spell and so the other W-spells are caught in an apples vs oranges situation. What your suggestions seem to point out is how they compare with one another as W-spells, when perhaps we could look at changing the self-mimic spell.

      Optimizing the other mimicked Ws could make it too strong in general. It's still just a W after all, and already far surpassing the majority of them with its sheer versatility. But it's weirdly balanced and clunky so I would not complain about some QoL.

      Regarding changing Arcane Ws to be more interesting, I agree with changing Energy Beam, but as mentioned the devs simply prefer to avoid energy-draining mechanics altogether. They seem to be fine with simply providing allies with energy at least. Just wish it was more interesting to use.

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